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(JC2) What even.

Asked for a pistol, got a submachine gun, which I didn't even unlock yet. What even?

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Alternate protagonist?

I was just wondering, who would be a good protagonist for the Just Cause series asides from Rico? (Since he's always been the protagonist of the series since the first game)
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TIme for a new design

Ok I joined this wiki in april of 2018 so I'm new here but I feel like the "title screen/ main screen" is in need of a redesign. I don't wan't to offend anyone I'm sure it took a lot of time and effort to come up with a design for it in the first place. I just feel it's a bit messy and looks a bit dated. If someone could tell me when the current design was adopted, that would be great. And if you disagree please tell me. Again, not to offend anybody just my personal opinion.

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New Easter Egg?

I was wandering around in Libeccio when I stumbled upon a tourist NPC at N 40 45.500 E 5 32.500. His dialogue includes “Hey... I remember you from Panau! Quit ruining my vacations!”. Was wondering if this is a normal line, or this guy appears throughout all the games.
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Follow up to Medici /JC3 easter eggs in JC4

Do you reckon we will see what happened to Medici in JC4? Or will it be mentioned? And reckon there will be JC3 easter eggs in JC4 and if so how many?
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I think it's the wrong name

The capital of Solís has the article "Nuova" Vuoz while the Airport is spelled ''Nueva"
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I just realized the DK guns are makeshift air lifters with less usability. Whoa.
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Easter egg idea (JC4)

Since Wikia is going to shut down forums (not a good idea) I'm writing here. What if there is a car dealership in Solís called Frigo and Etcetera. I think that would be cool. Thoughts?
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Do you think Just Cause 4 could run smoothly on a PAL Playstation 4 slim

just cause 3 ran fairly well however when i went into the city my game ran at about 12 fps
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Possibility to see JC3 vehicles in JC4?

Stupid page deleted all my text after simply resizing the window.

To keep it short and to keep me from blowing a fuse.

Mugello Farina Duo and '13 Vigueur I would love to have in JC4 mainly because of the engine sound, I love the Vigueur more than the Mugello Farina Duo cause it looks better and sounds awesome, engine note is similar to a Mercedes V8. Plus that F1 sound has been overplayed by the world enough times.

Hopefully if the Vigueur is brought to JC4 than hopefully it will handle a lot better, someone said on the Wiki page for the Vigueur that the car is heavy and does not handle well.... it a 2013 car... the car bad handling is not due to it being heavy it due to someone in the development team who thought it would be a good idea to give a modern, fast, luxury, more than likely power steered car, extremely slow steering. Either that or Rico is just being a ****.

If JC4 will have all new vehicles than hopefully one of them will have that awesome V8 sound either from Mercedes or GM, I prefer the GM V8 sound, much smoother and more monstrous.
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Just Cause 4 mechs?

First theme:
in the DLC of just cause 3 the black hand has mechs and drones, so I saw in the gameplays of jc4 the drones if they are but there is no indication that there will be machs and that this new installment of the series just cause seeks to provide a better story. What do you think happened to the mechs in Jc4?
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Falco Maxime: Centcom

I liberated Falco Maxime: Centcom, but am still being nuked. Does anybody know why?
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Pre-Ordering Just Cause 4

I was introduced to the Just Cause series a year and a half ago, so me any brother decided to pre order Just Cause 4. We got the standard edition. I have a few questions, do we know what comes from pre ordering yet, if so does some come with the standard edition, and what did I miss out on?
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Are easter eggs in just cause games part of the games' lore?

Are they canonically part of lore like some easter eggs in fallout games? Or are they supposed to be intended as jokes?
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Just Cause 3 Gold edition

So I have bought the disk version of Just Cause 3: Gold Edition which says several times it includes all DLC‘s. I play on PS4 and I used be very far into the story and had liberated almost the whole map so as I read you need to finish mission 4 to eecieve all DLC‘s I was expecting to be able to access them. When I go to options and select the downloadable content I don‘t get any suggestions except for the standard wingsuit and parachute. Also no golden bull with the mission suit up has popped up on my map. I have tried to delete my saves and start all from the beginning but even though I am through mission 4, I cant use any DLC‘s. Also when I go into the Playstation Store it only gives me the option to buy the DLC‘s. So my final question is, how do I activate the DLC‘s?
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Good locations to downhill coast in jc2

Just looking for good place to downhill coast. Coordinates would help. Preferably has a vehicle spawn.
Have a nice day.
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Vandalism in Easter eggs in just cause 3

Hello, I believe that the Easter eggs page for jc3 has been vandalized. It just says "BUMP!" Sorry if this page has been moved or something.
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