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"Boom Boom" Bohulano
General ''Boom Boom'' Bohulano
Character in Just Cause 2
First appearance Driving Miss Stacey
Faction Panau Military
Job General
Last known status Dead or alive (players choice)

General "Boom Boom" Bohulano is a character in Just Cause 2.


It's difficult to get a good look at him with out having to kill him, because of his Rocket Launcher, which he uses even at a distance where it kills him too.

Bohulano looks exactly the same as officers (colonel's bodyguards) and the military rank symbol above his head is the same as that of a Colonel. He wears a desert camouflage uniform with a blue hat and black sunglasses. His shirt sleeves are rolled up.

He appears to have grenades connected to the front side of his belt, but he doesn't use any.


General "Boom Boom" Bohulano was a general who served the Panau Military. He is introduced in game during the faction mission Driving Miss Stacey.

During this mission, it is revealed that Miss Stacey was working as a spy, posing as a prostitute in order to gather information about the Panau Military. However, Bohulano soon finds out her true identity and orders her to be killed.

Bohulano sets up a Roadblock to stop Rico's car (transporting Stacey). Bohulano himself is using a Rocket Launcher. Rico can kill him, but it makes no difference to the mission.

According to Stacey, he's "the most violent and disturbed guy [she's] ever dated".

Other than that, nothing is known about Bohulano's life.