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Agency cargo plane
Agency cargo plane
Vehicle in Just Cause
Type Cargo plane
Weapons Unknown
Rarity Unique, mission only
List of owners The Agency

The Agency cargo plane is an aircraft in Just Cause (1).


It's a white/grey cargo plane with two piston engines with 3-bladed propellers. The plane has two containers on the lower edges of its body. It's unknown what they are, but some similar real aircraft have their wheels mounted into similar wider parts of the body. The rear end has a cargo door that can be lowered mid-flight to allow paratroopers (or in this case Rico) to jump out.
Inside the Agency cargo plane

Inside the plane.

It might be based on the Transall C-160.


This aircraft can only be seen in the first cut-scene of the mission Devil's Drop Zone and can not be obtained by the player.


  • The inside of the plane is not really inside the plane. Those sections of the cut-scene are taking place in different places, just like with the Excelsior (the president's plane) in the last mission.
  • The actual name of the plane is not known.

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