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Alte Potentia
Alte Potentia
An overview of the facility.
Settlement in Medici
Type Military base
Region Insula Striate
Province Grande Pastura
Coordinates N 40 48.340
E 5 40.060
Missions that take place here None

Alte Potentia is a military base in Just Cause 3.


It's a gas turbine power plant used by the military. The map description says "The military plant of Alte Potentia, nestled on a remote mountainside in the far north, provides power to many of Di Ravello's bases throughout Insula Striate. The smog generated here has a direct effect on the air quality of towns as far away as Perla Est and Vista Fonte."
Military Pavouk U-15 at Alte Potentia

This base after liberation. Note the Rebellion soldier driving a captured military Pavouk U-15.

The base is hexagonal with a guard tower in the middle. The gas turbines and main buildings are arranged symmetrically around the tower. Additional buildings around the edge of the base include 4 guard towers, a guard post at the gate and 3 concrete multi-vehicle garages. 5 smaller buildings, the likes of which can be seen at outposts, are scattered around the base.




After destroying some destructibles, a "Commando Time" timer will start, and a military U41 Ptakojester will appear.


  • Together with Vis Electra this is the only major power plant in Medici.
  • This is the only military base starting with "A".
  • The name Alte Potentia means "high power" in the Medician language.