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Awang Deris
Awang Deris
Character in Just Cause 2
Faction Panau Military
Job Colonel
Last known status Dead

Awang Deris is a character in Just Cause 2.

Quote from the PDAEdit

"Colonel Awang Deris from southern Panau is a carrier of a famous Malay skin disease which coincidentally has the same name as his mother country; Panau. To avoid confusion, this skin disease is now known as Deris Syndrome within the borders of Panau. The only thing that soothes his rashes are the algae and seaweed mudpacks and generous massages of the spa-staff at the Three Kings Hotel, where his name is all but forgotten and he instead goes by the moniker 'Old Hand Job'."


Kem General Abidin military base, in Senjakala Islands at X:2250; Y:29880.


  • Wikipedia doesn't seem to have anything about a disease of that name, but an internet search reveals that the disease may also be known as "panu" and that it involves white spots on infected skin.

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