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Bald Eagle Persuader
Bald Eagle Persuader, Rioja and Agency versions.
The Rioja and Agency version.
Vehicle in Just Cause
Type High-performance speed-boat
Weapons Prototype - Unarmed.
Agency version - Missiles and machine guns
Rarity Prototype - One location only.
Agency version - Heavy drop and one location
List of owners Prototype - Rioja Cartel.
Agency version - The Agency

The Bald Eagle Persuader is a high-performance boat in Just Cause (1).


The boat is shaped similarly to a F1 boat and it's powered by an unknown type of engine (see below). Having two hulls, it's a catamaran.


It's the fastest boat in the Just Cause game series. It's so fast, that it uses aircraft-like vertical tail fins.


It sounds like a jet engine, but there's no actual blue jet exhaust, as can be seen on aircraft. The rear end of the engine doesn't have a hole and it's shaped like the business end of an electric megaphone. It may be meant to be a sonic engine where the boat is pushed forward by powerful sound waves with a frequency above what humans can hear. In this case the jet-like sound produced by the engine is caused by something else, like for example the engine's cooling system.


There's two versions of this vehicle. One is the Bald Eagle - Persuader (prototype) and the other is the Bald Eagle Persuader. The prototype doesn't have any weapons and it's in Rioja colors. The usual one is black; armed with machine guns and missiles and only used by the Agency.


Bald Eagle - Persuader (prototype):

Bald Eagle Persuader:


  • There was a myth that if you flew it at maximum speed for a long time, it would take off and become an aircraft. That has been dis-proven.
  • The "Bald Eagle" part of the name refers to the Bald Eagle bird, which is the national bird of the United States.
  • The yellow version at the cartel villa is the only known prototype of any vehicle in the Just Cause game series. It's unknown how the prototype ended up in Rioja Cartel ownership. Perhaps the Agency has some connection with the Riojas...?
  • There's 2 more vehicles with unusual engine types in the game: McKenzie-Fergusson F2 Victor and Stirling STL-3 Octavio. However, those are planes, while this is a boat.
  • The Just Cause 2 and Just Cause 3 successors to this boat are the MTA Powerrun 77 and Loochador respectively.

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Agency Bald Eagle Persuader

Agency Bald Eagle Persuader