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The Banco Nacional is a notable building in Just Cause (1).
Banco Nacional

The Banco Nacional. Picture taken from a Jackson Z-19 Skreemer attack helicopter.


This is the state bank in the nation of San Esperito.

It's a large 4-story building, the top view of which is shaped like a square. There are no windows in the walls of the first (ground) floor.

This is the only building that starts with the letter "B".

Main entranceEdit

The main entrance is in the south-east corner. There are stairs leading to the large inaccessible doors. There's a clock above the door, on the wall of a small dome.

The main entrance is at the north-west corner of third Calle and forth Avenida.

Roof windowEdit

There's a large roof window, close to the north-west corner of the roof. The window has no glass, so Rico can use it to parachute into the safe room (see below). However, don't enter that way during the mission, unless you're good with the parachute. A bad landing angle here could cost a lot of health, or even get you killed.

Vehicle entranceEdit

There's a large blast door in the southern wall, close to the south-west corner. It leads into a garage.

The inside of the buildingEdit

The first room is a vehicle garage. The opposite corner of the garage has a door that leads into the safe room. The safe room can also be accessed through the roof window (see above). Normally large banks have a vault, instead of a mere safe.


It's located in the center of the northern half of Esperito City.

Mission appearanceEdit

The Banco Nacional is featured in the storyline mission  "Streets of Fire". In that mission, Rico has to hijack a lightly armoured money transporting truck from the bank's garage (or later from a road). The entrance is guarded by Black Hand soldiers wielding Haswell Gen2 Vindicators. The money truck is a Meister ATV 4, with Black Hand markings. It has no special perfomance abilities at all and is only worth keeping for its unique appearance. It is also the only time it appears.




(HD) Banco Nacional - Just Cause 106:16

(HD) Banco Nacional - Just Cause 1

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