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Bandar Baru Indah
Bandar Baru Indah
Settlement in Panau
Type Tourist Resort, Village, Industrial Plant
Territory Senjakala Islands
Coordinates X:13840; Y:29490
Missions that take place here Pulling a Jeremy

Bandar Baru Indah is a civilian settlement/resort in Just Cause 2.


The name means "Beautiful New City" in Malaysian.

t's located east of a paved road connecting Pulau Ombak Merah military base and Kem Hutan supply depot.

The settlement covers a large area and can be roughly divided into three parts.

The Market Edit

This section has a market, several fruit stands and some normal houses for Panauans . It's possible poor maids and workers for the resort (see below) live here.

The Harbor Edit

This part has a couple of storage units, a boat gas station, a lighthouse, and a couple of docks.

The Resort Edit

This section is made up of 7 pairs of high-end bungalows, two bungalows that stand alone, a tiki bar, a dock, and beach chairs and lanterns that are set up on the beach. Tourist model people spawn in this section, indicating that this part is a resort.

The Panau Military has set up a Checkpoint here.


Near the south-east corner of Senjakala Islands. There's a Mobile Radar near the settlement to the north-east.