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Bandar Besar
Bandar Besar
The Roadblock/Military base outpost.
Settlement in Panau
Type Village.
Territory Berawan Besar Mountains
Coordinates X:15965; Y:11880.
Missions that take place here Race: Gila Pangkat Route

Bandar Besar is a small village in Just Cause 2.


This village is built right next to and possibly as a part of the Military base outpost for the Gunung Gila Pangkat Facility. This means that there's a big Roadblock in the village, blocking off the road to Gunung Gila Pangkat. That can be a problem when you're driving a faction vehicle, like the Reapers Marten Storm III from the Gunung Gila Pangkat Facility.

The name means "Big City" in Malaysian and "Great Airport" in Indonesian, but neither makes any sense for this location.


The village is located on the slopes of the Berawan Besar Mountains. It's located very close to the artic snow zone, at the end of a public road. Another road goes up the mountain here, to the Gunung Gila Pangkat Facility.



Just Cause 2- settlement completion- Bandar Besar00:59

Just Cause 2- settlement completion- Bandar Besar

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