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The Bavarium Attractor is a device used during Scrapyard Scramble.
Bavarium Attractor


It is in the shape of a dodecahedron. The main colors are orange and dark gray. When activated a forcefield appears around it. There are three unique faces. One of the faces has the number 12 written in white, one with a circular light and the text "R VER 3 11.16.07" also written in white, and one with a circular light and two handles sticking out from the main figure. The meaning of the text is unknown. It was invented and patented by Dimah.


It is used during Scrapyard Scrambles to help deposit Bavarium into the designated pit. It acts as a magnet for Bavarium to be attracted to. It can be turned on or off, but it is only able to be activated if it is tethered to a vehicle that Rico is currently inside of. Bavarium is the only object in the game that is attracted to it.

It can be towed and activated by any vehicle in the game - including boatshelicopters, and airplanes.



  • It doesn't despawn after a Scrapyard Scramble event is completed, however it will despawn once a new mission or race is started.
    • It is also usable with various Bavarium rocks located in free mode.
  • It's unknown what "R VER 3 11.16.07" stands for.
    • The "VER 3" likely stands for "Version 3" though.
    • 11.16.07 could reference November 16th, 2007, but the significance of that date is anyone's guess.