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For any other casino in the Just Cause game series see the Casino disambiguation.

The CASINO is a notable building in Just Cause (1).
Casino front

The front (western) end of the building at night.


It's the only gambling establishment in San Esperito. The building is among the most notable in the country.

The building is on an artificial (concrete) peninsula or pier jutting out into the water from the east side of the city Nuevo Estocolmo, shaped like a big Bermudian-style mainsail. Rolled-up blueprints, a collectable item, are on the eastern end of the building, furthest out. The building has three main floors and probably several more in the higher sail-shaped area. The light from the windows gives it a golden look. Most of the building lights up with bright light in the evening, indicating that the lit areas are clear walls, used as windows. The casino is surrounded by a row of palm trees. There is a square gap under the middle of the building, large enough to pilot any boat through.


The small artificial (concrete) peninsula in which the building is located, is considered a part of the city of Nuevo Estocolmo in La Perdida province. It is in the lake on the eastern side of the city.


  • Despite this being one of the few unique places on an otherwise extremely generic Map, no missions take place at the CASINO.
  • The CASINO sometimes won't show up on the Playstation 2 version of the game. This is a permanent glitch and there is no known fix.
  • The row of palm trees might never spawn all trees at once on the PC version. This is caused by bad programing. High-end hardware can not solve this.
  • There is a collectable item for the collect mission "I've got the blueprints, man" at the eastern end of the building.
  • When you take over Nuevo Estocolmo, Guerrilla Delta 5H4 Boxheads and government Pequod - Harpoon PC 350s tend to duel on a daily basis around this area until you take over the surrounding Provinces. Usually the Pequod slips beneath the waters after receiving some unguided missiles.
  • Some have referred to it as "the golden casino", but it says "CASINO" right on the building.


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