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CS7 Thunderhawk
CS7 Thunderhawk (front corner)
Vehicle in Just Cause 3
Type Jet fighter
Weapons Cannon and homing missiles
Rarity Common
List of owners Medici Military
The Rebellion
Top speed (km/h) 353
Top speed (mph) ~217.5

The CS7 Thunderhawk is a fighter aircraft in Just Cause 3.


The CS7 Thunderhawk is a delta-wing jet fighter, closely resembling the Dassault Mirage 2000 and the Saab JAS 39 Gripen, but without the canards.

The aircraft has folding wings, a design feature typically used by carrier-based aircraft on aircraft carriers. The aircraft can be seen with its wings folded whilst being transported by a Train, when the aircraft is delivered via Rebel drop and when it is parked by Rico in a small space.

The wings can be made to stay open if Rico rolls the plane forwards at its slowest speed and jumps to the Stunt position, causing the plane to break automatically.


This aircraft has a top speed of 353 km/h, which places it as one of the fastest vehicles in the game. As a fighter, the aircraft is very agile and maneuverable at high speeds. It has a remarkably short take-off and landing distance, characteristic of a STOL aircraft.

When equipped with Nitrous Boosters it can reach over 400 km/h.

The aircraft's armament comprises a cannon and homing missiles. Missiles are fired one at a time, with or without a lock.

According to the Rebel drop description: "When it comes to aerial firefights, few top the CS7 Thunderhawk, featuring the M98 machine gun, M62 Mako repeating missiles and M-78 Kauga heat-seekers."


Medici MilitaryEdit

  • Griphon military airbase.
  • Vulture military airbase.
  • Porto Cavo military airbase.
  • Guardia Grande Pastura II military outpost.
  • Falco Maxime: Centcom.
  • It can be found stowed with the wings folded up on trains. The aircraft can be launched directly from these trains, with a very short take-off distance required. In order to do this, the train needs to be in normal motion and the plane has to "pull up" at maximum climb rate.

The RebellionEdit

Possible Black Hand variantEdit

This is yet to be confirmed but a CS7 Thunderhawk was spotted flying over Scolio, near one of the floating platforms. It is rumored to be a Black Hand vehicle but its design looks similar to the rebel and military variants. The aircraft had a strange flight path, it flew in from the west and turned around heading back. The same plane was later seen over a different platform upon investigation, though it has not been seen past then. There is also rumored to be a spawn location off the coast of Lacrima, in-between Insula Striate and the region.


  • N 40 44.605 E 5 29.585
  • N 40 43.605 E 5 29.230


  • This plane is the successor to the Ulysses-McCoy Redcloud, the older delta-wing fighter in Just Cause.
  • It is built by the fictional company Capstone.
  • Mako, the manufacturer of the aircraft's "M62 repeating missiles", is a weapons manufacturer from Just Cause.
  • The folding wing design may indicate that this aircraft was once carrier-based, perhaps on the sunken aircraft carrier at Grotta Contrabandero.
  • These planes are known for having air brakes and reverse thrusters that 'scream'. Medician and Rebellion pilots have likened this to the plane screaming in pain.
  • By stunt jumping onto the plane, destroying it mid flight, and quickly getting back in, it is possible to ride in the destroyed cockpit all the way to the ground. Simply Stunt Jump behind the cockpit, shoot the plane until it explodes (to do this easily, shoot it twice with the CS110 Archangel) and quickly get back in. If done correctly, Rico will re-enter the now destroyed cockpit as it falls to the ground.
  • It's really odd as to why the military versions are on trains, if there was no way to get them to airfields.
    • The railroad in Insula Striate only passes through two locations, but there are no airfields at those locations.
    • Vulture is near that railroad, but there's no sane way to bring it there, unless there was a loading dock somewhere.
    • A possible explanation is that the Thunderhawks are in fact either intended to be launched directly from the train using the aforementioned method. The prevalence of tunnels around the map and the existence of underground airfields could be indicative of preparation for some nuclear attack on the part of the Medici Military. If this is so, the deployment of air-to-air focused fighters on the train may serve as a mobile launch platform.
  • When a train engine is destroyed and the car holding the Thunderhawk is left to despawn, the Thunderhawk gains odd physics quirks. The biggest of which is that the plane's hitbox seems to disappear, allowing it to fly through terrain such as trees, rocks, and even the ground. See more about this at Just Cause 3 Bugs and glitches.


The RebellionEdit

Medici MilitaryEdit


Possible Black Hand variantEdit


Just Cause 3 Gameplay STICKY ROCKET MINES! (New Gameplay)10:19

Just Cause 3 Gameplay STICKY ROCKET MINES! (New Gameplay)

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