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Cape Carnival
Cape Carnival
Settlement in Panau
Type Rocket Base
Territory East Tanah Raya
Coordinates X:30170; Y:14070
Missions that take place here Fry Me to the Moon

Cape Carnival is a spaceport in Just Cause 2.


The compound consists of four principal structures: a command center, three launch pads, and a fourth hidden launch pad. This facility is a part of the Panauan Space Program.

Command CenterEdit

The Command Center is the largest structure in Cape Carnival. Two helipads are located on the roof and each spawns a UH-10 Chippewa, with two runways behind the structure which spawn Si-47 Leopards. The hangars in which the Leopards spawn will open when you approach.

Launch PadsEdit

Launch Pads are located at the north, east, and west side of the command center. They are heavily guarded (in comparison to the Command Center). It's only during a major Ular Boys mission ("Fry Me to the Moon"), when a rocket can be found on each of the launch pads. Each launch pad is 210 meters high and has an indestructible crane on the top. There are Drug Drops on each crane.

If you are trying to get to the top of the structures, note that an elevator can be found under its shaft in the bottom of the structure. It is possible to activate it and get all the way to the top floor instead of using the stairs.

Hidden Launch PadEdit

The hidden launch pad consists of a small hatch and base further north of the Command Center. A fourth rocket is launched from here in the mission "Fry Me to the Moon". Shortly after the mission, the hatch is still open, so you are able to get inside there.

It's located at X:28650; Y:12920. There's a Generator; Broadcast Tower and a Cash Stash located there.




  • The name Cape Carnival is a reference to the American space center of a similar name, Cape Canaveral in Florida.
  • During the mission "Fry Me to the Moon", the guards protecting the rockets are positioned in places that, in real life, would mean instant death.
  • The hangar doors will no longer open after some time. It's not known if this is a glitch, or if that's normal.
  • At least one satellite was sent up from here before Rico arrived to Panau. Otherwise, the PAN MILSAT installation would have been useless, unless the Panau Military uses a satellite of another nation.
  • The faction items are all located on or near the top of the main tower and launch pads. Realistically, this would be impossible or through sheer luck because of their positioning.
  • The base has a pipeline running around and through the central area of the base, but no matter what direction you follow it, you cannot find the terminal which is used to destroy it, as this is the case for the majority of pipelines that travel through settlements.
  • The hole in the hidden launch pad is not nearly deep enough to conceal the rocket that is launched from it.
  • After Fry Me to the Moon, the rockets will still be here, albeit only their bottom parts.
  • It is possible to complete this location to 100% during the mission. Just don't destroy any of the satellites however, for after you destroy the first one, a 10 minute countdown will start. For destroying the satellites, 10 minutes is plenty. For completing this location, however, 10 minutes is almost, if not impossible.
  • This is the only settlement that starts with "C". Carcavoda Mountain also starts with "C", but that isn't a "settlement" per se.
  • This is one of the few settlements with Broadcast Towers without Generators.


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