Capstone (usually just "CS") is a weapons manufacturing company in Just Cause 3.
3 Capstone Vehicles

Three of their vehicles.


The company is known to produce military vehicles and weapons. The company has developed small arms, armoured vehicles, helicopters, fighter aircraft and boats.

CS items are known to be made by Capstone as the descriptions of some items in the Rebel drop menu mention Capstone as the maker.


Type Name Description Picture
CS7 Thunderhawk Fighter jet
CS7 Thunderhawk (front corner)
CS Baltdjur Armored personnel carrier
Medici Military CS Baltdjur
CS Comet Transport helicopter
Jc3 CS Comet
CS Navajo Attack helicopter
JC3 CS Navajo Medici Heli
CS Odjur Infantry fighting vehicle
Jc3 CS Odjur
CS Powerrun 77 Naval patrol boat
JC3 CS Powerrun 77 boat
Weapon CS110 Archangel Sniper rifle
Jc3 CS110 Archangel
CS27 Misfortune Assault rifle
Jc3 CS27 Misfortune
CS44 Peacebringer Revolver
Jc3 CS44 Peacebringe
CS9 PDW-K Submachine gun
Capstone Bloodhound Rocket launcher
Jc3 Capstone Bloodhound
Capstone FH155 Anti-aircraft weapon
Jc3 Capstone FH155
Capstone Hydra Rocket launcher
Jc3 Capstone Hydra
CS Negotiator Grenade launcher
Jc3 CS Negotiator
CS Predator Assault rifle
Jc3 CS Predator
CS Spectre Mark V Pistol
Jc3 CS Spectre Mark V
CS Wraith 225R Submachine gun
Jc3 CS Wraith 225R


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