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Capstone Bloodhound
Jc3 Capstone Bloodhound
Weapon in Just Cause 3
Type Rocket Launcher
Usage Two-handed (Special)
Maximum ammunition carried 10
Maximum ammunition in the weapon 1
List of owners Rico

The Capstone Bloodhound is a rocket launcher in Just Cause 3.


The Rebel drop description says "The Capstone Bloodhound is a portable, infrared homing surface-to-air missile (SAM) launcher that can be rerouted mid-flight by the user to ensure it hits its target. Handy!"
JC3 EB exclusive day one edition

As seen on an official advertisement.


The Bloodhound is different from any other rocketlauncher in Just Cause 3. Once you fire the Bloodhound, a red laser is emitted from the rocket launcher. The rocket will steer itself to whatever the laser is aimed at, even when you change the target. Very useful for manually tracking targets that can not be picked up by the auto-aim systems.


Originally it was a bonus item for those who purchased the EB games exclusive day one edition, but by now it's available as a separate Downloadable content for Just Cause 3.

  • Once purchased, it's available at the Rebel drop.