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Casa Montoya
Casa Montoya
Settlement in San Esperito
Type Cartel villa and drug plantation
Province La Perdida
Missions that take place here Several. See the missions section below.

Casa Montoya is a cartel villa in Just Cause (1).


Casa Montoya is one of the largest and best Cartel villas in San Esperito. That's because of its excellent location; its above average size and the rare vehicles that park here.

The villa is made up of the usual main building and a garage. Unlike many others, this villa doesn't have a concrete wall around it, but there are several smaller buildings on the coca fields.

The river beach has a dock and a boathouse. There's also several shipping containers on the beach.

A gravel road connects the passing 4-lane main road to the dock. This road passes through the center of the settlement and there's constant traffic on it. This includes government, Guerrilla, and Rioja Cartel vehicles, so a firefight will occur every now and then.

This cartel villa is one of the few that spawns a boat. In this case, a Royal 500 - great white.


North-west of Nuevo Estocolmo. The settlement is located between one of the 4-lane main roads (on its southern side) and a river (on its northern side).




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