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Differences from the weapons in Just Cause (1)Edit

Unlike in Just Cause (1), none of the weapons in Just Cause 2 have manufacturer or model names, all are simply named as the weapon type. For example, in Just Cause (1), there were two assault rifles, the Adler FF M-72 and Haswell Gen2 Vindicator, the manufacturers were Adler and Haswell, respectievly. Respectively, the models were FF M-72 and Gen2 Vindicator. In Just Cause 2 there's only the assault rifle (although called an "assault rifle", the Bulls Eye could be classed as a "battle rifle").

This difference means the weapons in Just Cause 2 are simpler and easier to talk about and understand. It also means that there are less weapons available; 10 standard weapons in Just Cause 2 to the 18 in Just Cause (1), although with the addition of DLC there are 2 more types of rocket launcher, another type of grenade launcher, another type of assault rifle (or "battle rifle"), another type of revolver and an uncertain class of weapon, matching the 18 from the first game and providing a greater variety.

Weapons can also now be called in via heavy drop and can be upgraded via the Black Market.

One of the loading images shows a Panauan grunt in front of a Propaganda Trailer, holding what looks like an AK-47. This rifle doesn't appear in-game.

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