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Chevalier Express HT
Chevalier Express HT
Vehicle in Just Cause 2
Type SUV
Weapons None
Rarity Less common
List of owners Civilians
Top speed (km/h) 130.7
Top speed (mph) 81.2
The following statistics are from the official strategy guide.
Top Speed 55
Acceleration 30
Armour 41
Handling 51

The Chevalier Express HT is an SUV in Just Cause 2.


It's an SUV made by the fictional vehicle manufacturer Chevalier. It looks similar to the real world Ford Explorer or Expedition.

There's a closed hatch at the rear end of the roof. Within the game files, a point for a turret is clearly specified, but one never appears on it. It's unknown if it was meant to belong to the Panau Military, the Panau Police Department, or some faction. See also: Cut game content from Just Cause 2.

It can be seen in black, dark red orange, dark blue, dark green and greyish white.

It's modeled to look like an SUV, but due to various limitations that the developers encountered common assets from other vehicles had to be used to model it in an efficient way. As a result of the developers' usage of this space-saving tactic, the entire front of the vehicle is nearly identical to the other pick-up style vehicles in the game.


The Express HT is a sturdy civilian vehicle. It is very good at doing long trips, as it is very durable. It's speed is reasonably fast, making it a good choice to get places leisurely.It also has very good traction making it good off-road. Overall it is a good off-road and on-road solution.

The performance is very similar to that of the rest of the pick-up style trucks in the game.


  • It can be found being driven by civilians in the desert and snowy areas.
  • The Reapers provide an unmarked white one for Slippin' and Sliding. In addition to that, one appears near the Reapers doctor that never appears there any time else.
  • Provided for the "Gunung Kudus Slackcountry" race.