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Cima Leon: Silo
Cima Leon Silo
Wingsuiting above the base
Settlement in Medici
Type Military Outpost
Region Insula Fonte
Province Lacos
Coordinates N 40 41.300 E 5 43.585
Missions that take place here Conflicting Interests
Missile Cowboy

Cima Leon: Silo is a military outpost in Just Cause 3.


The base is built in a depression in the ground; two sides have a wall supporting the earth around it. There are 2 buildings inside the depression. To one side, there is a building with a Flak Cannon on top and behind that building, there is a small platform with 4 Guard towers. The entrance to the base is an underground tunnel.

The in-game map description says "Built into the craggy rocks atop Lacos, the Silo of Cima Leon is a remnant of Medici's early nuclear ICBM tests during the Cold War. Locals mutter that the military presence there is too large to simply be protecting radioactive waste."


On top of a hill/cliff, somewhere in Lacos.



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