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Cima Leon: Transmitter
Missile Cowboy Transmitter
The transmitter only gets erected during the mission Missile Cowboy.
Settlement in Medici
Type Military communications base
Region Insula Fonte
Province Feno
Coordinates N 40 42.00 E 5 43.31
Missions that take place here Missile Cowboy

Cima Leon: Transmitter is a military outpost in Just Cause 3.


Cima Leon: Transmitter is a large communications base which works in conjunction with Cima Leon: Silo to deploy the Medici Military's Bavarium-tipped intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs).

The base is built on the edge of a tall mountain in Feno, on the site of a mountain village. It is a walled compound with a tall front gate, which is defended by four SAM sites and several guard towers. The base also boasts three helipads; two mounted above the front gate and one at the northern end of the base. There is also a small Quonset hut , which is likely utilized as on-site accommodation for personnel. There is also a concrete shelter built into a cliff to service a number of vehicles.

The base is named after the tall transmitter hidden within a silo at the northern end of the base. This transmitter relays information to the missile base, Cima Leon: Silo, as seen during the mission Missile Cowboy. Following the mission, in which Rico destroys the antenna, the silo will be permanently empty and full of debris.

According to Cima Leon: Silo's in-game map description, the two bases were built and operated during the Cold War and were meant to have been deactivated, but instead continued to operate.

The in-game map description of Cima Leon: Transmitter states:

"A peaceful mountain village was leveled to construct Cima Leon's expansive Transmitter complex.  The purpose of its heavily-guarded transponder is shrouded in mystery."


The base is located on the edge of a mountain in the Feno province within the Insula Fonte region.


Completion RewardsEdit



  • The transmitter will only raise from the silo during the mission Missile Cowboy. It also does not contribute to settlement completion.
  • The transmitter is a notably big antenna-mast. See also: Masts and towers.


From 1:54 to 1:59, it's the place with the mast and the guard tower.

JC3 trailer 4 (E3 trailer) "This is Just Cause 3"

JC3 trailer 4 (E3 trailer) "This is Just Cause 3"