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Circuit Breaker
JC3 Circuit Breaker
Sabotage Destructible Object in Just Cause 3
Total amount Unknown
Armament needed Small arms fire, or Grappler
Value in Chaos points 100
Approximate safe distance during destruction Unknown

Circuit Breakers are Chaos objects in Just Cause 3.


A "circuit breaker" is an automated switch that acts as a fuse. These ones are of the oil-filled type.

Strangely, there are three connectors on top, despite only 2 being connected to anything. And what would the third one even be connected to? If it was a 3 phase breaker, it would need 6 connectors.


These are some of the smaller destructibles, so they give 100 chaos points upon destruction.

They can be destroyed using explosives and gunfire, but a more efficient way is to use the Grappler to pull the ceramic insulators out of their positions. Once they're all broken, the whole breaker blows up. Another way is to grapple the Core Electrical Unit next to them and pull it towards them, this will destroy the CEU and the Circuit Breakers.


These can be found in the vicinity of Core Electrical Units. At one or two bases, these can be found on their own.

At most Military bases in Medici:


  • In reality high voltage circuit breakers are relatively rare, because these devices take longer to react for high voltage and require maintenance, during which time the electricity must be shut down. Instead, most high voltage devices use the kind of fuses that melt. These do not need almost any maintenance at all and are near-infinitely cheaper and more durable. Of course, rarity varies greatly by country.