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This article is about all the collectable items in Just Cause 2. For any other collectable items, see: Collectable Items - disambiguation.
Drug Drop

This is a "Drug drop", one of the faction items in Just Cause 2.


When observed from a distance, they all shine a lot of light.

  • All Resource items are gray boxes, about 60 x 40 x 40 cm.
  • The Faction items are different for different factions.
    • Skulls are collected for the Ular Boys. They appear as small ancient wooden crosses, with a skull on top. They might be graves. According to Sri Irawan, they contain "powerful magic". Skulls are mostly found in seemingly untouched nature areas, or at high altitudes such as mountain summits.
    • Black Boxes are dark gray boxes, just like the resource items. They're collected for the Reapers and are always under water. It's unknown why the Reapers want these, but according to Bolo Santosi, they contain "revolutionary goodies."
    • Drug Drops are little metallic-white briefcases, containing drugs. They're collected for the Roaches and they're located on bridges, rooftops (in both civilian and military settlements) and Panau City. According to Razak Razman, who describes them as "cases of goodness", they were dropped from one of their cargo planes that was recently shot down by the Panau Military. That's very odd, because the cases are all over Panau and not along any pattern. Also because all cases are standing on the same edge. 

Finding themEdit

Resource itemsEdit

If you're having trouble finding the armor, weapon, cash and vehicle parts while trying to take over any given village or base, remember to keep an eye on the "transmission strength" indicator at the upper left corner of the mini-map. It looks like a radar dish, with signal strength "bars" like on a cell phone. If there are no stashes in the area, this icon will NOT appear. If you are in the immediate vicinity of a stash, the icon will start flashing and a faint, white arrow will appear in the center of your screen telling you which direction the stash is located. Once you are facing the right direction, a white circle icon with the stash type will appear on your screen telling you where the stash is (if the stash is behind a wall, the icon will still show on your screen).

Faction itemsEdit

When finding faction items, if the faction item is some way away put the marker on it then once it's on your minimap cancel the marker and follow the mini map instead, if you have a vehicle then align yourself straight towards it. If it isn't in plain sight when you are near it continue straight on foot and grapple, keeping in mind that it can be in a high place.

If it's in the water, if you have no vehicle/a disposable vehicle/a boat then go over the marker then dive down continuing going straight. If the collectable is way out in the water and you have no boat you will be forced to abandon your vehicle.

Consequently it is best to pick up faction collectables in one go, not whilst doing other things, as it shows up on your map anyway. This is also a more time efficient than getting them along the way. Unless of course it is right near you and in plain sight.

If all else fails, just place a map marker on your PDA and it will show you its exact location.


Collect them all.

  • Resource items include vehicle and weapon upgrades (Vehicle Parts and Weapon Parts), upgrades for Rico's maximum health (Armor Parts, health is upgraded after 5 are collected), and cash bundles of $2500 each (Cash Stashes). There are more than enough weapon and vehicle parts to fully upgrade all 22 black market items to maximum, with plenty of excess parts that you will never be able to use.
  • Faction items give you money (to buy equipment and vehicles at the Black Market) and progress the game by giving Chaos points.


There are 7 different collectable items in Panau, with a total of 3000 individuals. This Interactive external map lists them all in their locations.

Resource Items Total Amount Reward
Cash Stashes 450 $2500, each: $1,125,000 total
Armor Parts 400 Every fifth upgrades Rico's health: 80 upgrades total
Vehicle Parts 900 Can be used to upgrade Black Market vehicles
Weapon Parts 950 Can be used to upgrade Black Market weapons
Faction Items Total Amount Reward
Skulls 100

$2000 and 500 Chaos points each.
$600,000 total; 150,000 total Chaos points

Black Boxes 100
Drug Drops 100


  • The faction items do not have an effect on the transmission bar on the minimap at first. Each faction item can be seen after a Stronghold takeover within a region. For instance, when the Berawan Besar Mountains have been taken over by the Reapers, all the faction items (including other faction items) will be located on the map as white/blue dots (similar to the yellow undiscovered settlement dot, but blue and round). The dots can appear white on some screens. The items can be collected before then, if you know where to find them.
  • In some cases, there are settlements that only need the collection of one item in order to complete it.
  • Many bridges have two armour parts underneath them.
  • It's actually possible to complete this game (not 100%, but all missions) by collecting only these items. So many of them result in settlement completions that there's no need to destroy any Sabotage Destructable Objects. Settlement completions and faction items give Chaos points and of course, it's impossible to play with out having to destroy government vehicles, also causing chaos.
  • Considering their origin (see above in the "faction items" section), there are several odd facts about the drug drops:
    • The drug drops ended up in different locations across Panau. The plane would've had to fly all the way all around Panau dropping those cases before crashing "somewhere" on Panau. There's a chance that the lost Roaches plane crashed at sea, but if not, it must be the Bering I-86DP on the western beach of Hantu Island. Smaller planes seen in Panau would have difficulty transporting that many briefcases at once.
    • Several of them are at covered places to which they couldn't have fallen. Were they moved by Civilians?
    • They're all standing on one edge. It would be extremely unlikely for them all to have landed that way. Were they moved by civilians?
  • Rico is not the only skull collector in Panau. Colonel Boon also collects them.


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