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Colonels are characters in Just Cause 2.
Colonel Usop Yeop

Colonel Usop Yeop.


Colonels are high-ranking members of the Panau Military. They can be found at numerous locations throughout Panau, but are generally located inside military bases and cities.

Colonels are about 240-250 cm (~7.5 ft) tall, armed with heavy weaponry and are equipped with red armour that is impenetrable. They are also surrounded by a team of highly trained and heavily armed officers. The only weapons that will harm them regardless of where you hit them are heavy weapons, like Vehicle mounted weapons, explosives and the Minigun. A few headshots will reduce health quickly though, allowing them to be killed with even a low level Pistol.

During Panau's enormous military increase tax dollars were wasted to give Colonels huge paychecks. Almost all Colonels have large mansions (some are stationed at their estates), most have their own private helicopters, one has a private jet and one has a solo propeller plane.
Colonel Sulung

Seen here is colonel Sulung. Colonels are quite tall. If Rico is 180 cm (about 6 ft), the colonel must be about 240-250 cm (about 7.5 ft).

The standing place of a colonel is scripted to give Level 2 Heat if the player gets inside. However, this will not vanish after the colonel is assassinated. Instead, the area will always be restricted, but getting inside will also cause all military traffic to approach your position, and if spotted, you will get Level 2 Heat. This can be a serious problem on several places that have mounted guns or firepower that is much greater than yours, but also in Panau City and other civilian settlements, if you don't want to be disturbed in your activities by hostile Panau Military troops. Evading heat a few times may cause the restriction to disappear.

All colonels are armed with Machine Guns.


There are many different colonels. Most of them have strange hobbies and/or personalities. The reputation and activities stated about many of the colonels in the PDA, are often against military morale. Many colonels drink, smuggle, cultivate drugs and more.

It seems there are several Muslim colonels as well.

Examples of their diversity:

  • Baratham has created a small black market for weapons at his location. Rico can't use that market, but all three of the main Panauan factions buy their weapons there.
  • Some colonels are very good at following the rules and stand very close to the president.
  • At least two of them are very good at "sport torture".
  • About 3 of them are heroes of the people. They keep criminals out of their areas of influence and generally keep the peace.
    • Sulung is a hero to the people for protecting their property from criminals.
    • Shved has been called "the most pleasant man in Panau".
    • Che Soon championed the distribution of poliomyelitis vaccine for the poor, which payed off for the national economy.
  • Bamert has been stationed to a remote base in the cold mountains, as a punishment. Something about him overhearing and mistakenly reporting the steamy conversation between the minister of state and his own general.
  • Two are scientists:
  • Bertrand supposedly travels a lot and is difficult to locate, but unfortunately he only appears at one base in the game. As a result, that base has two colonels.
  • Abdul Ishak is an arrogant colonel who takes his religion to a whole new level, punishing fellow soldiers for "Breathing in an unholy manner" among other things.

Ways to assassinateEdit

"Colonels are heavily armoured. Go for headshots!" - The in-game description when first encountering a colonel.
Tip about colonels
  • Rocket Launcher and Grenade Launcher.
    • Rockets from a helicopter or plane. A direct hit can kill the colonel and his entire entourage. These can be fired from beyond the colonels sight.
  • Explosives (Fragmentation Grenade and Triggered Explosives).
    • Both types of explosives can be thrown at colonels. These are very effective, if the target is with in range, but they're harder to aim.
    • Triggered explosives can be placed on a car. Drive towards the colonels post, jump out and detonate when the car reaches him. This may be easier to do in an armored vehicle as normal vehicles might be blown up before it can have any chance of reaching the colonel.
  • Minigun (aircraft guns included). Spraying the area with gunfire is effective. Their armor is not resistant to minigun rounds.
  • Auto cannon is very effective.
  • Sniping a head-shot (their heads are unarmored). Low-level weapons except explosives take at least 3 head-shots to eliminate a colonel. Sniping them from afar allows for a quick escape. Staying at a good range will also make you only get "Pre-Heat", which means that you are undetected by the military and the heat will decrease fast. Sniper rifles are a better method of long range assassination as it has high power, long range and can outgun small firearms. This is very good in high places such as Panau City, however at closer ranges any gun can do it.
  • They can also be killed by being driven over at high speeds. Motorcycles inflict less damage than other vehicles. Usually, Colonels are in a military base. Therefore, it's easy to hijack an armored vehicle and, provided you have enough speed, you can kill him (and his backup soldiers) in one hit.
  • Melee attacks using the Protec Grappler G3 are an effective and ammo-conserving method of eliminating Colonels. A few, clean, close up strikes to the Colonel, will result in a successful assassination. However it is recommended to obtain a few armor upgrades and have a good general idea of a feasible escape route via grappling hook before attempting the task. This method is especially effective in urban areas such as Panau City where escape via Grapple Hook is easy to accomplish.
    • Hitting or grappling them quickly to make them become vulnerable and then making head-shots can be even more effective as it gives you time to get his head in your cross-hairs before he can fight back. This method is really funny to do as the unfortunate colonel will either be falling over or stumbling backwards depending whether you whack him or grapple him.
  • They can be killed by crashing an aircraft into them, creating a kamikaze-style attack.
  • They can also be killed by attaching an object like a Baby Panay statue head to a helicopter and be hit with full force of the swing. If that doesn't work, you didn't hit him at all.
  • Dragging them behind a plane. The colonel will be scraped along the side or roof very violently with plenty of blood emitting from him. The colonel can then be detached from your plane and left to free fall to his death.
  • Lifting them up with a helicopter and then hitting them like a wrecking ball into objects or just dropping them from a gargantuan height.
  • Attaching a vehicle or explosive barrel to a helicopter, flying up into the skies and beginning to swing the helicopter around in a circle-like formation so that the object you have grappled to your chopper will start swinging too-- let go of the object and promptly (and accurately) assure it flies into the colonel and explodes. This is also a good way of softening up a military base for an attack.
  • Attach 2 - 7 triggered explosives onto a vehicle (depending on the mass, size and max speed of it) and begin driving it towards the colonel and his men at full speed. Note: do not drive directly at the colonel, but towards the side a little. Make sure that you have enough time to ensure the car flies towards the colonel as you jump out and detonate the explosives, killing the colonel and most of his men.
  • Air Propulsion Gun.
    • Colonels stationed on top of buildings can easily be defeated by using the air propulsion gun DLC to blow them off of the building. Their weapons and grenades can then safely be collected later.


Each time you defeat a colonel, you'll receive 1000 chaos points, $5000 and also the morale in the area will supposedly be reduced. This can also be means of unlocking the next mission.

There won't really be any effect on the soldiers; the loss of morale is just text on the screen. In fact, they seem to start shooting at a faster rate if you kill the colonel first.

You will unlock the "Professional Hitman" achievement if you kill 25 colonels.

List of colonels, by areaEdit

There's a total of 50 colonels in Panau. An in-game list of colonels can be found in the PDA.

Berawan Besar MountainsEdit

Colonel's name Location Co-ordinates
Abdul Rahman Bukit Bura military base X:19140; Y:9020
Ismaryanto Kem Gunung Raya base X:21140; Y:11630
Azman Sherman Bandar Kayu Manis village X:22910; Y:13665

East Tanah RayaEdit

Colonel's name Location Co-ordinates
Sulung Bandar Pekan Lama village X:28760; Y:17590
Usop Yeop Negeri Cabang base X:20740; Y:20650
Jegathesan Kuala Gandin base X:21720; Y:19810
Bamert Kem Serigala Kelabu base X:19130; Y:15725
Wright Gunung Pawang Tua base X:27340; Y:18445
Bertrand Kem Gunung Belakang Patah base X:22145; Y:16135
Zulkrnain Kem Gunung Belakang Patah base X:22140; Y:16280
Perang Lee Lembah Delima airport X:25920; Y:20230
Relutzu Pulau Ombak Ribut base X:24570; Y:18640

Lautan Lama DesertEdit

Colonel's name Location Co-ordinates
Tunko Bin Hitam Pulau Dayang Terlena military airport X:4470; Y:21180
Lee Seng Sen Lembah Cerah village X:6550; Y:25515
Mo Zuo Itik Gunung Hutan Merah military base X:7880; Y:18555
Romel Naivalurua Sungai Madu Leleh village X:6540; Y:21370
Virgilio Tanjung Putih village X:2935; Y:21130
Jejomar Isko Pekan Hujung military base X:5350; Y:23780
Chen Port Gurun Lautan Lama military port X:2800; Y:22830

Panau Tengah BayEdit

Colonel's name Location Co-ordinates
Danyal Mail Kem Kapitan Mohideen military base X:17220; Y:21100
Johnn Yeo Negeri Cengkih military base X:13560; Y:22865
Yoong Port Kuala Besar military harbor X:16145; Y:12810
Siu Sungai Jernih military airport X:12285; Y:25200
Che Soon Pasir Putih military harbor X:12990; Y:19240

Pelaut ArchipelagoEdit

Colonel's name Location Co-ordinates
Ranjan Kem Singa Menerkam military base X:19400; Y:6260
Gupta Sungai Cengkih Besar military airport X:20905; Y:5570
Adiputera Paya Luas military airport X:28410; Y:5705
Baratham Kampung Pokok Ru village X:26405; Y:5430
Tunko Isnin Pulau Ketam Kecil military harbor X:28065; Y:11260
Sivanathan Pulau Berendam military harbor X:25880; Y:3460

Ramai Rakyat IslandsEdit

Colonel's name Location Co-ordinates
Muhammad Yatim Panau City Residential District X:4335; Y:15250
Tengku Baba Panau City Docks District X:1250; Y:14350
Yuan Panau City Docks District X:1210; Y:13545
Shved Kampung Ketam Laut village X:8450; Y:13890
Bachtiar Saleh Panau City Residential District X:4655: Y:15775
Rajah Idis Panau City Residential District X:3185; Y:14715
Sutan Panau City Residential District X:3070; Y:15350

Seletan ArchipelagoEdit

Colonel's name Location Co-ordinates
Lee Yu Wehn Tanah Lebar military base/airport X:16065; Y:23460
Ismail Omar Kem Pulau Kerbau military harbor X:26615; Y:27210
Rakyat Pekan Kesuma city X:21760; Y:30340

Senjakala IslandsEdit

Colonel's name Location Co-ordinates
Ruofan Kem Port Pelangi military harbor X:5830; Y:29630
Malaka Pulau Tiga Gunung military base X:14520; Y:26355
Dollah Kem Jalan Merpati military airport X:9915; Y:28510
Boon Pulau Naga village/resort X:15795; Y:27920
Awang Deris Kem General Abidin military base X:2255; Y:29870

West Tanah RayaEdit

Colonel's name Location Co-ordinates
Abdul Ishak Panau City Park District X:4230; Y:11270
Rany Kiandee Teluk Permata military airport X:9455; Y:5760
Loo Won Fui Panau City Park District X:3560; Y:12170
Chaerul Tunko Panau City Park District X:3900; Y:11400
Saravanan Panau City Park District X:3110; Y:12210
Hamid Hitam Kem Komodor Da Silva military port X:8555; Y:9310

External links to mapsEdit


  • The names of colonels Bertrand, Shved, Bamert, Relutzu and Wright were the result of a colonel-naming contest conducted by Eidos.
  • Relutzu appears to have originally been named Ken Merdeka. This name still appears in Perang Lee's file.
  • Colonels are the most armoured enemy in game, having nearly twice as much max health as Rico does.
  • No colonels have a picture of themselves in the PDA database, even if it's a photo space at every profile.
  • During certain missions, colonels that do not count towards the overall amount of colonels killed may appear, some serving as the player's objective.



Just Cause 2 Colonel Assassination

Just Cause 2 Colonel Assassination

A normal method of killing colonels.

Just Cause 2 Colonel Panau City

Just Cause 2 Colonel Panau City

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