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Communications Outpost
Tanah Raya Timur Gamma
Tanah Raya Timur Gamma, an average outpost.
Sabotage Destructible Object in Just Cause 2
Total amount 75 (each outpost has multiple destructable objects)
Armament needed Guns and hacking.
Value in Chaos points 1500 (the main antenna)
Value in money 5000 (the main antenna)
Approximate safe distance during destruction Anywhere on the ground.

Communications Outposts are military facilities in Just Cause 2.


They're small structures composed of a bunker, three terminals and an antenna. By activating all three terminals, a mast will extend out of the bunker and erect two antennas. Those antennas will then revolve and go back down. They can only be destroyed when they're up. They are very easy to destroy and a few shots into each antenna with any gun will destroy them. Shooting the middle core is the quickest and easiest way to destroy them, also saving ammunition. Each will give 1500 Chaos points and $5000 when destroyed.

According to the PDA settlement info, they are also used as a database, storing information about all the people on Panau.

It is also programmed to automatically call air support should it be raised without authorization. However sometimes when you destroy the antennas the air support will turn around and leave the area.

A white gas releases from inside the bunker when the second terminal is activated. It's unknown what that is.


The outposts contain the communications mast; a Generator; a Broadcast Tower; one collectable resource item (usually a cash stash) and one Medicine Cabinet. This makes them ideal structures if you want to complete settlements to 100% and replenish health if you're running low on it.

Two larger outposts contain a Communications Mast, of which, only one of those two unique ones is the largest communication outpost in Panau.

They will always be protected by soldiers and rarely, there will be a Minigun on top of the platform, which the soldiers usually don't use. There's one or two outposts that contain an extra generator and broadcast tower a bit of a way away from the main tower. Sometimes they're found a few hundred meters away from military bases, as a part of the base, which means that sometimes a base may be difficult to complete, if you don't notice the outpost.

When you unlock higher Heat levels, the outposts will often call in paratrooper reinforcements, though it's usually easy to complete the settlement and leave before they arrive. The most common air support are minigun armed UH-10 Chippewas, however, those typically leave after you destroy the antenna, regardless of completion (0%, 25%, 50%, 75%).

These are probably the fastest kind of place to complete (Military Base, Military Harbor, Civilian Village, City, ...), as there are typically only 4 things to do.

Naming systemEdit

Outposts not attached to a base are designated with the area they are in. The last name in the outpost locations name is the number of order and the Panau Military is using the Greek alphabet to group the outposts. There's a total of 12 outposts each in East Tanah Raya and Selatan Archipelago, so this is how they are grouped:

  • Alpha = Α α
  • Beta = Β β
  • Gamma = Γ γ
  • Delta = Δ δ
  • Epsilon = Ε ε
  • Zeta = Ζ ζ
  • Eta = Η η
  • Theta = Θ θ
  • Iota = Ι ι
  • Kappa = Κ κ
  • Lambda = Λ λ
  • Mu = Μ μ


There's 75 of them, all over Panau. They're usually at small isolated outposts. Some of them are a part of a military base.

Name of the outpost, or the base where it's at X Y Number Notes
Tanah Raya Barat Alpha 11335 9680 1 Only outpost in West Tanah Raya; very few soldiers here
Tanah Raya Timur Alpha 23015 16780 2 No helipad or road leading here
Tanah Raya Timur Beta 28020 14260 3
Tanah Raya Timur Gamma 27020 19700 4
Tanah Raya Timur Delta 25570 16140 5 Very isolated
Tanah Raya Timur Epsilon 30690 17390 6 Next to the sea.
Tanah Raya Timur Zeta 19090 19465 7
Tanah Raya Timur Eta 22385 18780 8
Tanah Raya Timur Theta 21150 19510 9 Near a deep lake
Tanah Raya Timur Iota 25790 12360 10
Tanah Raya Timur Kappa 28430 16530 11 A Minigun can be found here
Tanah Raya Timur Lambda 28420 15170 12
Tanah Raya Timur Mu 22080 23820 13
Teluk Panau Tengah Alpha 16790 22370 14 Located north of a lake
Teluk Panau Tengah Beta 11825 20800 15
Teluk Panau Tengah Gamma 12590 26400 16
Teluk Panau Tengah Delta 13170 23920 17
Gurun Lautan Lama Alpha 5360 25640 18 Has got a Communications Mast
Gurun Lautan Lama Beta 6020 21570 19
Gurun Lautan Lama Gamma 4545 25160 20
Gurun Lautan Lama Delta 7290 23310 21 Aka "Communication Outpost #25"
Kepulauan Pelaut Alpha 23720 3975 22 South of Pulau Kait
Kepulauan Pelaut Beta 23660 5560 23 North of Kuala Cengkih
Kepulauan Pelaut Gamma 28916 9510 24
Banjaran Berawan Besar Alpha 14810 4670 25
Banjaran Berawan Besar Beta 14810 4670 26 Close to Bandar Baru Nipah
Banjaran Berawan Besar Gamma 14200 9575 27
Banjaran Berawan Besar Delta 20230 9840 28
Banjaran Berawan Besar Epsilon 25510 9540 29
Banjaran Berawan Besar Zeta 21800 14280 30
Banjaran Berawan Besar Eta 17145 11220 31
Banjaran Berawan Besar Theta 25570 11080 32
Banjaran Berawan Besar Iota 17930 9440 33
Kepulauan Selatan Alpha 18240 26700 34
Kepulauan Selatan Beta 18635 28425 35
Kepulauan Selatan Gamma 20220 25800 36
Kepulauan Selatan Delta 18635 28425 37 There's a Mobile Radar to the east of it.
Kepulauan Selatan Epsilon 27730 29460 38 Has got a Communications Mast and a SAM
Kepulauan Selatan Zeta 31000 28960 39
Kepulauan Selatan Eta 25940 28890 40
Kepulauan Selatan Theta 22800 31030 41
Kepulauan Selatan Iota 24300 27520 42
Kepulauan Selatan Kappa 23640 28940 43 No Health Cabinet
Kepulauan Selatan Lambda 15720 24355 44 Actually located in the Panau Tengah Bay
Kepulauan Selatan Mu 18690 25400 45
Kepulauan Senjakala Alpha 14990 26845 46 2 Broadcast Towers and Generators
Kepulauan Senjakala Beta 2420 28540 47
Banjaran Gundin 11760 5065 48 Aside the central airport
Bukit Bura 18710 9050 49 Aside the central base
Bukit Ketot 24560 10490 50 Aside the central base
Bukit Rendah 16490 7385 51 Aside the central base
Bukit Tinggi 19835 10940 52 Aside the central base
Gunung Condong 25735 25700 53 In the upper base.
Kampung Kala Merah 11150 22250 54
Kampung Rencong Berkarat 20360 13425 55 Aside the central base
Kem General Abidin 2255 29870 56
Kem Gunung Belakang Patah 22140 16280 57 Aside the central base
Kem Gunung Kudus 23630 12720 58 Aside the central base
Kem Gunung Raya 21090 11645 59 Aside the central base
Kem Jalan Merpati 9580 28260 60 Military airport
Kem Kapitan Luk Ya Sian 16450 10310 61 Located aside the central base
Kem Komander Sutherland 7365 19215 62 Aside the central base
Kem Pulau Kerbau 26600 27200 63 Upper port
Kem Singa Menerkam 19400 6260 64 Aside the central base
Kem Serigala Kelabu 19145 15715 65
Negeri Cabang 20745 20675 66
Paya Dalam 20080 18740 67
Paya Luas 28430 5970 68 In the central airport
Pekan Hujung 5350 23775 69
Pekan Ular Sawa 3720 20125 70
Pulau Berendam 25880 3460 71 In the upper port
Pulau Ombak Merah 13390 30260 72 In the central base
Sungai Cengkih Besar 20910 5575 73 In the central airport
Sungai Curah 11505 24065 74
Telok Ayer Batang 16885 21530 75 In the central base

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