This article is a manual for converting existing Just Cause 2 PC version modifications to versions that would work with the Xbox 360 version of the game.


Discovered by Lost4866 of the Facepunch forum.

For this tutorial you are going to need:

Step by step guideEdit

Check and make sure that you have at least 4.5 GB of space on an external hard drive, or on your Xbox hard drive.

Load XexMenu and press RB once, you should be at the root of your hard drive, now press Y and scroll down to "create". Name the folder "Games". Next open the Games folder and create another folder called "Just Cause 2". Open this folder and press Y. Now go down to "copydvd" and click it. Put the Just Cause 2 disc in and then manually close the disc tray. Now as you hear it start to spin louder, press "confirm". Wait for it to rip. Extract and extract the mods to your personal folder (the one with your name on it).´


Open CMD.


Now go to where you extracted; hold down SHIFT and right click on "Gibbed.Avalanche.bin2xml.exe", and then click "Copy as path".


Paste that into your cmd box and delete the quote symbol (") at the start and end. Click on the picture here, to makle it larger, if needed:


Now after that, type in what the name of the .bin is that your converting, then click enter.


Delete the .bin in your personal folder.


You should now have a .xml file in your personal folder. Open CMD again, but this time copy the path of "Gibbed.Avalanche.xml2bin.exe". After that make sure you put "-b", then the file name and then click enter. It should look like this:


If you used the Xbox hard drive, skip this step: Plug your external hard drive into your computer and open it. Go to "Games" > "Just Cause 2". Now right click and create a new folder called "dropzone" and drag the .bin you just converted from my documents into this folder.

If you used an external hard drive skip this step: Plug in a USB flash drive and open it; right click and click "Create" > "New Folder". Name it "Dropzone". Drag and drop the .bin file/s from your personal folder here. Load XexMenu with the USB drive plugged into the Xbox 360; press RB; press X; select your external USB device; press Y on Dropzone and click "Move". Now press X and go to "Hdd1:". Open "Games" > "Just Cause 2" and click "Paste".

Now press RB twice and click "Just Cause 2". If it's not there, open the Just Cause 2 folder and click "default.xex".

If you did everything right, you should now have the PC mods.

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