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Costa Brava
Costa Brava Military Base
Costa Brava military base.
Province in San Esperito
Destabilized by Sink the Buccaneer
Location in country In the south-east quarter of the nation

Costa Brava is a province in Just Cause (1).


A river separates a part of Costa Brava from the mainland, turning it into an island. The military base is on that island. The province, as well as that island are crossed by one of the 4-lane main roads. Travelling by sports car, it takes a couple of minutes to get here from Esperito City.

This province is one of the most convenient places to do Guerrilla sidemissions, because (travelling by road) the local safehouse is the closest to the nearest military base. This allows one to save the game in minimal time after mission completion.




  • This is the only province other than Costa Verde that starts with the letter "C". It's also one of the few provinces that doesn't start with "Provincia".