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Custode 29
Tangled Up In Blue (disable cooling turbine)
In the mission Tangled Up In Blue.
Vehicle in Just Cause 3
Type Patrol boat
Weapons Front-mounted Machine Gun
Rarity Somewhat common
List of owners Medici Military
The Rebellion
Black Hand
Top speed (km/h) ~101 (~185 with nitro)
Top speed (mph) ~55 knots (~100 w/nitrous)

The Custode 29 is a boat in Just Cause 3.


It's a patrol boat similar to the YP-107 Phoenix from Just Cause 2. Like the Phoenix, there's a mounted machine gun on the front that can be used by a gunner, while the driver sits on the back. It's the most basic armed nautical unit in the game.


As a patrol boat, it's fast and versatile. The gun works in the same way as most mounted guns in several vehicles. It's armor, however, will make it susceptible to any rocket or Corvette's gun rounds. The open design makes any driver vulnerable to any weapon.

Versions and locationsEdit

Medici MilitaryEdit

The RebellionEdit

  • All the ones at military bases listed above are replaced by Rebellion variants upon base completion.
  • Unlocked for Rebel drop after the liberation of Porto Vena.
  • Can be seen in a Random Encounter where you have to clear out a minefield.
  • Can be seen both before and after the liberation of Le Tutor. In the former case, it will be attacking Medici Military along the coasts of said base. After, it will just be patrolling around.

Black HandEdit

This variant does not exist outside of the Mech Land Assault or Bavarium Sea Heist expansion packs.

Mech Land Assault:

Bavarium Sea Heist:

  • Can be found patrolling the waters around the entire western ocean of the map. Specifically, this includes Stingray Area, Volcano Isle, even as far as Boom Island, and all eDEN ruins inbetween.
  • During Heat.
  • At all five eDEN Research stations in the Stingray Area. Needs confirmation.
  • At least three can be found at the unmarked Black Hand outpost "dry dock" featured in the mission The Setup (JC3).


The RebellionEdit

Medici MilitaryEdit

Black HandEdit

Two variants of this vehicle exist, one with two red stripes, and the other with half the hull painted brownish-red. These two variants do not exist in the base game and only exist in Mech Land Assault and/or Bavarium Sea Heist. The details of which boat appear in which expansion packs are unconfirmed.

Brownish-Red liveryEdit

Dual Stripe liveryEdit


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