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Custom Geschwind
Custom Geschwind V3000
Vehicle in Just Cause 3
Type Off-road motorbike
Weapons None
Rarity Unique
List of owners Rico
Top speed (km/h) 140 (155 with nitrous)
Top speed (mph) 87 (96 with nitrous)

The Custom Geschwind is an off road motorcycle in Just Cause 3.


It's a modified version of the Geschwind V3000, with a custom racing paint job.

The Rebel drop description states: "This upgrade of the popular Geschwind V3000 is a zippy, more powerful mountain goat for any revolutionary's off-roading needs."

It resembles many real-world dirt bike designs such as those from KTMSuzuki, and Kawasaki.

It is made by the fictional company, Autostraad.


It's the best off-road motorcycle in the game.

Strangely, the performance is unchanged from the stock Geschwind V3000.



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