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D.R.M. Flag

D.R.M. Flag.
Faction in Just Cause 3
Goal, or purpose Keep the towns of Medici under Di Ravello's control and enforce the law
Ideology None (they follow orders from General Di Ravello)
Leader Unknown
Starting base, or HQ The police stations of any town
Source of money Government budget

D.R.M. (Di Ravello Militia) is a faction in Just Cause 3.


They are a pro-government militia and work alongside the Medici Military. Rico and The Rebellion are their enemies.

They drive brown Stria Facoceros marked with their flags at either end and "D.R.M." painted on the sides.

In some mission subtitles they are called "DRM" (without punctuation). The Rebellion refers to them as "Di Ravello's militia".

They are dressed in red and brown uniforms with some wearing police riot gear and helmets.

Militiamen are easy to kill as they have bad aim missing Rico at even close range most of the time and only two shots from a U-55S is enough to kill them. Elites can take more thanks to their armor but have the same aim as the normal Militiamen. Captains are better but the grappler or explosives can do the job.

History and effectivenessEdit

As revealed in Di Ravello tapes and some propaganda Speaker announcements, the Medici Police Department was loyal to the previous civilian government and obstructed Di Ravellos military dictatorship. Di Ravello solved that problem by abolishing the normal police after accusing them of corruption. Obviously a nation still needs some type of police force, so he set up the militia.

Obviously their combat effectiveness is lower than that of the Medici Military.

According to some Civilians in Liberated Towns in Medici, they were too lazy (or too busy with oppression) to actually solve crimes. The civilian dialogue told a story of the man having reported an item stolen a long time ago, but the D.R.M. had failed to solve the crime. Later after the town liberation, the man had searched the D.R.M. fort (old police station) and found his property. The man assumed that they had solved the crime, but hadn't bothered to finish their job and return it.

Members and alliesEdit

Their leader is unknown, however Di Ravello is the commander-in-chief of Medici's armed forces, so he definitely outranks whoever that is.


They wear a ski mask with three red stripes. These are equipped with U-55S Pozhar pistols. When they are guarding a captain, they are equipped with either a Prizrak U4 SMG or CS Wraith 225R SMGs. The former is less likely to be seen.

Elite MilitiamanEdit

They wear a ski mask, police riot helmet, and reinforced armor. These are equipped with the Prizrak U4 SMG.


They have heavier armor than elites and a helmet with a visor. They appear as assassination targets as part of town Liberations. They are equipped with the Urga Vdova 89, a LMG that can prove deadly up close.






  • During Welcome Home, the three D.R.M. grunts attacking Mario wield U-39 Plechovkas. There is only one other place such an occurrence can be seen.
  • Replacing the police with a militia would be not a good idea as they are mostly less trained than police officers making them not as effective as the police.
  • After a recent update, The D.R.M now respond to situations sometimes in Medici Police Department Stria Joias.
  • Many players mistake the Medici Military for the D.R.M.
  • According to the Propaganda Van, prospective members of the D.R.M. must provide their own ski masks.



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