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The Desert Peak, also known as Gunung Merah, is a mountain in Just Cause 2.
Desert Peak (seen from west)

The Mountain seen from west.


Gunung Merah means Red Mountain in Malay and Indonesian.

It is one of the highest points in Panau, after the Snow Peak and some other peaks in the Berawan Besar Mountains. The peak is about 1489 meters high (confirmed by Parachute climbing). It overlooks the majority of the Lautan Lama Desert.

There's multiple settlements on the same mountain, but the highest and closest to the tip are Kampung Ekor Bengkok and Kem Jalan Merpati.

The south side is very steep and if you are skilled, you could be BASE jumping down the cliffs and slopes all the way down to the beach. Skilled jumpers prefer this type of challenges over the Mile High Club.

The mountain can be climbed without using Rico's grapple hook.


In the Lautan Lama Desert, at X:8080; Y:28450. The peak can be spotted from any point in the desert, if you're high enough to see beyond your immediate vicinity.
Desert Peak at night

Seen at night.

Desert Peak (shack at the top)

The shack on top of the peak.

Points of interest on the mountainEdit


  • Many players who enjoy driving cars off mountains find Desert Peak the best place to do it.
  • The view from Desert peak is so great that even places as far as Hantu Island can be seen from here.

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