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Dinggong 134D
Dinggong 134D
Vehicle in Just Cause 2
Type Bus
Weapons None
Rarity Common in the Berawan Besar Mountains and the Lautan Lama Desert, other places extremely rare
List of owners Panau Bus Service
The following statistics are from the official strategy guide.
Top Speed 30
Acceleration 20
Armour 30
Handling 30

The Dinggong 134D (often mistakenly spelled "Dingdong 134D") is a Bus in Just Cause 2.


The Dinggong 134D and its double decker counterpart, the Dinggong 268D, resemble the Chevrolet "big belly" bus, which was based on the Canadian Chevrolet C15 army truck, and the Ford F15 army truck, employed during WWII. The Dinggong 134D's front end resembles that of the C15, but the sides and rear are completely different.

Advertisements are posted on the sides of the bus. Only two types of ads are seen on the sides of the bus: one for Chameleon Ice and the other for the Mile High Club. Below the ads is a texture of a ripped ad. It's seen when an ad doesn't appear on the side of the bus.
Chevrolet ''big belly'' (restored in Burma)

A restored Chevrolet "big belly".

It never carries any passengers and there is no code for the additional seats. The driver is always the only occupant.

Rather than having one set of folding doors on the right side like most buses, the Dinggong has a door on both sides, one by the driver's seat and one by the passenger's seat. It's programmed like this to conform to the seating arrangement that all the cars in the game posses.

There are two large doors on the back of the bus. This is likely where passengers would enter since both front doors open up to a seat, though they are never used because passengers never ride the bus.

It can be seen in black, dark red orange, dark blue, dark green and greyish white.

It's made by the fictional Dinggong company.


It's very slow. Combining the poor acceleration and awful turning radius, the Dinggong performs like a typical bus. However, the reinforced front makes this behemoth of a bus excellent for ramming other vehicles.

This vehicle, along with its double decker counterpart, are very hard to flip, making them good for cliff jumping. If the player is being pursued by the Panau Military, this is a good way to escape them, as the player won't be killed when the bus strikes the face of the cliff.


The locations for this bus are strange, since it's clearly designed for city use.

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