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Don Ernesto Harbor
San Esperito port in Provincia de Don Ernesto
The Mullen H45 Dragonfly helicopter is borrowed from the neighboring Casa Agamemnon cartel villa.
Settlement in San Esperito
Type The largest harbor in San Esperito
Province Provincia de Don Ernesto
Missions that take place here Sink the Buccaneer

The Don Ernesto Harbor is a settlement in Just Cause (1).


No official name of the location is known, as it is an unmarked settlement. Since it's located in the Provincia de Don Ernesto province, it has been named Don Ernesto Harbor on this wiki.

It's the largest (and probably the only commercial) harbor in San Esperito. Most of the cargo is traded in the form of containers, like in reality.

The port has nine warehouses. There are a lot of containers stacked up in the western part. A common port Crane can be found in the eastern side on an oval railroad. Two more are floating on barges. A gantry crane is stationed in the middle area. This crane holds an Underwater Scooter during the featured mission "Sink the Buccaneer".

There are some unusual structures in this harbor. A large set of reviewing stands, angled so as to point at a central podium. There might have been some kind of public show events there. There's also two towers with unknown purpose. The towers are located between the stands. The tops of the towers have cabins. There are two large ramps behind the podium that are meant to provide access to a large ship. Mendoza's destroyer is less than half the needed size to make use of them.

Unlike all the large ports in Panau, this port lacks of an oil harbor, proved by the lack of oil cisterns in the area. Since there are no other large ports in San Esperito, all oil exported from the country is most likely coming directly from the oil rigs of EL gas, in the form of crude oil.

This is one of two locations starting with "D", the other being Durango. However, this place may well have another name.


It's located on the eastern coast of the nation, at the northern side of a small bay. In the southern part of Provincia de Don Ernesto. The highway system of San Esperito is connected to the harbor. There's a Communications Mast found east of the port, on top of a hill.

A couple hundred meters to the west is Casa Agamemnon cartel villa. Across the bay to the south-west are the San Juanillo village and Guerrilla 28 Camp Victoria safehouse.

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