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Dongtai A-B Century
Dongtai A-B Century
Vehicle in Just Cause 2
Type Tractor
Weapons None
Rarity Pretty common
List of owners Civilians
The following statistics are from the official strategy guide.
Top Speed 15
Acceleration 15
Armour 35
Handling 15

The Dongtai A-B Century is a tractor in Just Cause 2.


It's a roofless agricultural tractor. It appears to be a Dongtai A-B Decalux without a cab.

It can spawn in dark blue, dark red or dark green, like all other tractors.

It's made by the fictional Dongtai company.


Similar to the other Tractors. Because of their massive rear wheels and low top speed/acceleration values, they are the slowest vehicles in the game.


Realistically it would be used for agriculture, but the in the game civilians never actually use the tractors for agricultural purposes, and instead drive them around Panau. The player can put it to use, though, by using it to tow vehicles, Pandak "Baby" Panay Statue heads, and loose objects.


  • Found driving throughout Panau, along with the other Tractors.
  • At the Roaches faction stronghold Lembah Firdaus Compound, at map coordinates X:19106; Y:25870. There's 2 tractors there. 1 on either side of the road. If you don't find this tractor there, then move both tractors and leave the area. About 150 to 200 m should be far enough. New tractors will show up in the original parking spaces.
    • It has been reported that the newly spawned tractor might collide with another spawned tractor and explode.
  • Outside a small building, at map coordinates X:6775; Y:27260. A tractor will spawn at this position. If it's not this tractor, you can drive it forward until it falls off a cliff and is destroyed. A new tractor will spawn in the original parking space.

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