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Drifting is a non-mandatory (non mission based) activity in the Just Cause game series.
Drifting a Titus ZJ at Bandar Selekeh

Drifting at Bandar Selekeh in a Titus ZJ.

See also: Stunts and how to do them.


Drifting is the technique of intentionally over-steering and causing loss of traction in the tires, allowing the vehicle to slide. This is particularly useful at sharp corners, as you can turn more abruptly and not lose much speed and momentum. The vehicle must be powered during the turn, otherwise it's only a slide.

How to do itEdit

It can be pretty tricky until you get used to it.
Pocumtuck Nomad side view

Pocumtuck Nomad, drifting at a beach.

Method 1Edit

  1. Get up to good speed.
  2. Start turning.
  3. Handbrake (X button on Xbox, square button on PS3, and X key on PC) key on for about half a second.
  4. Accelerate lightly during the turn.

Method 2Edit

Find a place with lots of room (see below) and drive a fast car at high speed and then turn as sharply as you can. Don't release the gas during the turn. If your vehicle is fast enough, it'll start drifting.

This technique can even be done with the Vanderbildt Streamliner, but it'll greatly reduce the speed.

What you needEdit

The right placeEdit

When you get good at it, you'll be able to do it at most turns.

The right vehicleEdit

Ideally, these vehicles require good speed and good handling, but race cars generally do the job well anyway.

Recommended vehicles in Just Cause:

Recommended vehicles in Just Cause 2:

Recommended vehicles in Just Cause 3:

Recommended vehicles in Just Cause 4:


The Cassius 192 is the only aircraft that can do this.

Just Cause 2 Doughnuts with a plane

Just Cause 2 Doughnuts with a plane


Just Cause 2 Drifting around

Just Cause 2 Drifting around

Drifting in a Titus ZJ at Panau International Airport