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Drones are a type of robots in Just Cause 3. They appear as a part of the Sky Fortress and Mech Land Assault DLC.
JC3 small shield drone and red drone (2)

As seen in the Sky Fortress trailer.

Common descriptionEdit

They are robots controlled by the eDEN Corporation. Some of them can fly and others do not. Similarly, some of them are armed and others are not. There are always many of them on and around the eDEN Airship where they fly in small flocks. Insula Lacrima also has many of them.

In the "Sky Terror" challenge, the small drones are referred to as "Light drones", while the larger drones are called Eviction drones.

These drones are very durable for being able to function with out human interaction for several decades.

Extractor dronesEdit

Main article: Extractor drone.

These are unarmed industrial machines for mining. They are each equipped with two jet engines, 4 legs and a big pneumatic drill. They are considered Sabotage Destructible Objects.

Eviction dronesEdit

Main article: Eviction drone.

These are well armed flying drones that have 4 propellers. The weapons are missiles and machine guns.

Eviction Drones are best countered with tethers or homing missiles of any kind.

This drone can be unlocked for Rebel drop.

Suppression dronesEdit

Main article: Suppression drones.

These are 4-legged tank-like machines with a rotatable turret. They're armed with 2 miniguns. The old ones at Insula Lacrima also have anti-aircraft missile launchers.

Suppression Drones can easily be countered by grappling right next to it and planting GE-64 Explosives as it can’t shoot you when you’re that close. Grappling them to any nearby object, to flip them upside down would also eliminate them as a threat.


Light dronesEdit

Light drones with machine gunEdit

They have 4 propellers, a machine gun and a distinctive red light. Sometimes they also have a shield, which is provided by other nearby drones. They are invincible as long as the shield is active, but once that's gone, they can be destroyed with small arms fire, or pulled down with the Grappler. They resemble the real "DJI Inspire".

eDEN Corporation attacked an unknown town with one of these just before the mission Suit Up. That one was then shot down by The Rebellion. The crash left a large long hole in the ground and killed multiple cows.

Light Drones are best countered with tethers or homing missiles of any kind.


Light drones with shield supplierEdit

Drone with shield supplier 1

These look identical to the above, but have a blue light and create a shield around the above drones. They resemble the real "DJI Inspire".


Logistics dronesEdit

It looks the same as the above and does not have a powerful light. It uses a cable to carry boxes and lumps of Bavarium. Their name is mentioned in the map description for the Stern Section.


Big white transport dronesEdit

Their name is unknown.

They have 4 propellers and 4 legs for landing. Some of the parked ones have an open door, revealing that they're mostly empty. They have a cargo holding frame on the roof. They sometimes have blue/green glowing Small Destructibles on there.


There's also transport drones without propellers. These look exactly identical to the above, but they lack propellers, so their purpose is unknown. They could be the same as above, but with flight engines removed for maintenance or under construction.


Anti-Air CannonsEdit

Main article: Anti-Air Cannon.

These are several meter high, autonomous turrets. They are the eDEN Airships main protection against other airborne vehicles. They are considered Sabotage Destructible Objects.

An early concept art lists some of their features:

  • "Double 406 mm bore guns".
  • "Distance/telemetry and night vision targeting systems matrix".
  • Their back is used as a "Bavarium storage".


Flying platformsEdit

Their name is unknown.

These drones are large, flat and stationary, which makes them part of the eDEN Airspace, where they are stationed. They make great helipads for helicopter attacks on the Bow or Stern section sabotage destrutibles.


Common galleryEdit