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Dual Parachute Thrusters are equipment in Just Cause 2.
Dual Parachute Thrusters


The Parachute Thrusters appear as two jet engines attached by a piece of metal. When bought from the Black Market and equipped, they will be attached to the standard black parachute, just above Rico. If the player has the Chaos Parachute equipped, the Thrusters will replace it and equip Rico's standard parachute again. It's probably the most useful Downloadable content item because it makes parachute travel a lot faster which helps with several missions. They can also help the player to travel over large bodies of water with the parachute, where there are few things to Grapple to. 


The Thrusters have an infinite amount of fuel and can only be activated when using the parachute. When activated, they will provide additional forward momentum, speeding up parachute travel and can keep Rico airborne for longer if not indefinitely when used on flat ground. The downside is that the Thrusters overheat very quickly. Their temperature is measured by a thermometer in the upper right hand corner of the screen. When overheated, the thermometer will flash red and the Thrusters will stop working for several seconds while they cool down. The Thrusters are decently fast and Rico can still turn in different directions like during fast Parachute climbing. In a way, the speed and the ability to turn perfectly can make the Thrusters a great alternative to those who don't like or are bad at parachute climbing.


To use the parachute thrusters:

  • PC: Hold the left Shift key while parachuting (it does not seem possible to remap this key in the menus),
  • XBox 360: Hold the right shoulder button while parachuting,
  • PlayStation 3: Hold the R1 button while parachuting.


They can only be obtained from Downloadable content and even then, they have to be bought from the Black Market for $50,000. Rico will lose them after he dies, or when the player leaves the game session, or when restarting a mission from a checkpoint, so they need to be purchased again.


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