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EDEN Extraction Site Alpha
EDEN Extraction Site Alpha
Settlement in Medici
Type eDEN Corporation mining outpost
Region Insula Striate
Province Montana
Coordinates N 40 47.219 E 5 43.540
Missions that take place here None

eDEN Extraction Site Alpha is a location in Just Cause 3, only appearing as a part of the Sky Fortress DLC.


It's an outpost owned by the eDEN Corporation. It is an extraction site that extracts Bavarium. It's sister outpost is Eden Extraction Site Bravo.

The in-game map description is: "Following Rico's successful "negotiations" on the eDEN Airship, Extraction Site Alpha was established by the eDEN Corporation near Di Ravello's massive mining site of Cava Montana to resume Bavarium extraction. The area used to be renowned for it's dramatic vistas and very rich soils. Sadly it's now infamous for it's barren landscapes due to the merciless hunt for Bavarium."
EDEN Extraction Site Alpha (after completion)

After completion. The Urga Bkolos 2100 does not spawn here and you won't necessarily be lucky enough to see a Drone hovering so close to the ground.

After completion this place will remain a "restricted area" and there will be a few Drones flying around, but it's not possible to get Heat.


There's no reward for completing this location, other than the rewards for destroying enemy equipment.



Just Cause 3 Sky Fortress - eDEN Excavation Site Alpha05:37

Just Cause 3 Sky Fortress - eDEN Excavation Site Alpha

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