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El Toro Loco
El Toro Loco
View from the parking lot to the front of the facility.
Settlement in San Esperito
Type Nightclub and bar
Missions that take place here Field of Dreams

El Toro Loco is a business establishment in Just Cause (1).


The name translates as "mad bull".

El Toro Loco is an adult entertainment facility. It appears to be both a nightclub and a bar. The entire business is in open air with a few small roofs to protect from rain.
Inmaculada in Field of Dreams

Inmaculada at the bar during the beginning of the mission Field of Dreams.

There's few going on during the day, but there are exotic dancers and plenty of customers during the night.

The facility has a parking lot with a few random vehicles (not enough for everybody there).


El Toro Loco is relatively close to Agency 03 "Camp Farmhouse" safehouse. Exiting the safehouse, go right and then left. El Toro Loco is at the end of this road.

The facility is on the edge of a small mountain and has a relatively good view of the surrounding area. Trouble is that the facility is not with in convenient range to any settlement. This is very strange, because it would take hours to walk here and there's never enough vehicles here for all the customers. Perhaps one of the countryside bus lanes has a stop here? Some people have arrived by Taxi. Taxis are extremely rare outside of cities.


Main article: Field of Dreams.

The beginning and end of the mission are both here at the bar. The Rioja Cartel have landed their HH-22 Savior helicopter in the parking lot.


  • Random civilian cars.
  • On occasion one or several Taxis might spawn here. Taxis are extremely rare outside of cities.
  • On occasion one or several Fusilier Commanders might spawn here.
  • The Rioja Cartel have landed their HH-22 Savior helicopter in the parking lot during the mission Field of Dreams. After the mission the helicopter disappears, assuming you didn't take it.
  • Guerrilla, police, Rioja, and Montano Cartel vehicles can sometimes drive by. As always, a gunfight will ensue, which will most of the time end with the police or Montanos dead due to a almost constant stream of Guerrilla Delta 5H4 Boxheads passing by.


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