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Esperanza Caramicas
José and Esperanza Caramicas
With her brother José, at the end of the mission Breakout.
Character in Just Cause
First appearance Breakout
Faction Ejértico Revolucionario de Liberación
Job High-ranking guerrilla soldier
Last known status Live and well

Esperanza Caramicas is a character in Just Cause (1).

Personal historyEdit

She's the sister of José Caramicas. She falls for Rico and later kisses him after they defeat a corrupt government official in the mission Brothers in Arms. She might be a psychopath, as she forcibly castrates police chief Carmona at the end of the mission Dismissed Without Honors.


She's a high-ranking member of the Ejértico Revolucionario de Liberación (Guerillas).

She and Rico first meet after Rico busts her brother (Jose Caramicas) out of the El Grande Fort in the mission Breakout. Later, they try to buy weapons for the Guerrillas in the mission Brothers in Arms, but the deal goes bad when they're betrayed. Later, she's captured by Mendozas government forces and held in the Prison in Esperito City South, until Rico busts her out in the mission Dismissed Without Honors.