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Espia Bassa
JC3 promotional picture of Espia Bassa
As seen in a pre-release promotional picture (possibly a trailer screenshot).
Settlement in Medici
Type Military base
Region Insula Dracon
Province Petra
Coordinates N 40 42.07
E 5 36.76
Missions that take place here None

Espia Bassa is a military base in Just Cause 3.


This base is mostly under ground in a large cave that has multiple exits. The middle area is open top. It has a reasonably large presence of Black Hand soldiers and even one or possibly two Titan soldiers. This can make the base difficult to complete for the unprepared.

According to the Rebel drop map "Sister base to Espia Alta, little is known about the brand of information gathered by Alta's massive satellite dish. Leaked recordings reveal simple, low frequency radio patterns, suggesting a monitoring of deep space."

This base is a part of the Medici Space Program.