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Field of Dreams
El Toro Loco
The El Toro Loco nightclub.
Story Mission
Previous River of Blood
Next Broadcast News
Faction Rioja Cartel
Location El Toro Loco nightclub and an un-named Montano coca plantation.
Destabilized Provinces Isla Alegre
Los Hidalgos
Provincia la Perla
Las Crucitas

Field of Dreams is the tenth storyline mission in Just Cause (1).


Mission information from the PDA: "Impress the Rioja Cartel by helping them destroy the Montano Cartel's biggest coca field. Use any means necessary to eradicate the crops."

Rico meets Inmaculada at the El Toro Loco nightclub. She tells him to attack a Montano Cartel coca plantation.


You'll be provided with an HH-22 Savior helicopter, but it's not recommended to use it. Instead, get yourself a helicopter with missiles. The best option would be the Jackson Z-19 Skreemer from the "Rioja 04 Eagles Nest" safehouse.

Get to the coca field.

If you don't have a helicopter with missiles, then this could be difficult. Othewise it's one of the easiest missions in the game. Fly so close to the coca field that you can see the plants. Then just fire missiles at the field until all the plants are gone.

There's a total of 6 small fields. The Montanos will send 2 helicopters  after you, but they should be nothing to worry about for an experienced pilot. They will send Hurst Buckaroos if you are on foot, in addition to the helicopters. Destroy the helicopters first since they pose a much bigger threat of two machine guns instead of one mounted gun. 

When all fields are destroyed, get back to the El Toro Loco nightclub. Inmaculada will no longer be there. Instead you'll find her husband drinking alone.


  • Montano Fukuda Buckskin Trappers appear on the road near the fields after the mission.
  • After this mission, the fields will still be there, albeit completely blank.
  • Only during this mission will the Boxheads spawn. If you go to the coca field after the mission, the Hurst Buckaroos and Fukuda Buckskin Trappers will still spawn, but they won't attack you. Assuming you don't have heat anyway.
  • This mission features some Rare vehicles:


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