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Fire Leech
Jc3 Fire Leech
Weapon in Just Cause 3
Type Rocket Launcher
Usage Special
Maximum ammunition carried 5 (10 with 2x Special Weapon Ammo mod)
Maximum ammunition in the weapon 1
List of owners Rico

The Fire Leech is a weapon in Just Cause 3.


It's a black rocket launcher with a rocket at the front and several small fins at the back.

The Rebel drop description says "After lock-on (up to eight targets), this RPG launches one BIG rocket that splits into a bunch of SMALL rockets. And those smaller rockets? They're out for blood."

It does not resemble any particular real rocket launcher.


It can fire a rocket that breaks into 8 smaller rockets. The rockets act differently in different promotional materials. The smaller rockets are guided to whatever the reticle is on at the moment.

It's a great weapon to use against a group of enemies, especially if they're behind cover.

It can be used to destroy large Sabotage destructible objects, Guard towers, as well as armored vehicles.

It is very useful if trying to hit a mobile enemy. Few vehicles can avoid the speed of the individual rockets. However, tanks such as the Urga Bkolos 2100, CS Odjur and Imperator Bavarium Tank will need at least 3 shots to destroy, despite their lack of speed.

CS7 Thunderhawks as well as U-7 Dravecs (while airborne anyway) are less easier to catch. During the reinforcements phase of Porto Tridente, this is the only time they are seen used during normal gameplay and they carpet bomb the base. The Fire Leech is very useful to destroy them, but only if you have careful timing. Fortunately, there seems to be no loss of ammo crates containing this weapon anyway at the base.

If anything, this is an excellent weapon to catch fast enemies.



  • In some earlier promotional materials and in a leaked screenshot, the name is spelled as Fireleach.


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