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First aid kits are usable special objects in Just Cause (1).
First aid kit

A first aid kit laying next to a Moretti P.94.

For the medicine cabinets at Safehouses and in Just Cause 2, see: Medicine cabinets.


A first aid kit is a small white bag with a red symbol on it. Just like dropped weapons glow with white and yellow light, they glow with green light.


They are used automatically when Rico walks onto one, just like dropped ammunition is picked up automatically. Don't be fooled into thinkng that you'll be able to win every shoot-out by simply keeping your eye out for first aid kits. There's never that many of them around, but they do make things easier and can get one out of many otherwise near death situations.

A single first aid kit will restore Ricos health to maximum.

Nobody other than Rico can use them, but again just like dropped weapons and ammunition, they disappear after a certain amount of time.


First aid kits can only be obtained from dead enemies. Soldiers; policemen; Montano Cartel gangsters and El Grande Fort prison guards often carry them.

At least every 10'th enemy is equipped with one, which makes completing settlement Liberations a lot easier.