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Flak Cannon
Flak Cannon (1 barrel)
A single barrel version at the Ular Boys HQ.
Weapon in Just Cause 2
Type Anti-aircraft artillery
Usage Mounted on a tripod
Maximum ammunition in the weapon Infinity
Cost Unknown
List of owners Ular Boys
Panau Military
Japanese Military
United States of America (according to Maria Kane)

Flak Cannons are anti-aircraft weapons in Just Cause 2.


Flak Cannon (4 barrels)

The 4 barrel version at a Japanese bunker, on Hantu Island.

There are 2 types of Flak Cannon in this game. One has 1 barrel and has a low rate of fire, similarly to the the Auto Cannon on some armored cars. The other has 4 barrels and fires much faster, but the damage of single bullet decreases.

Both versions have an identical tripod and an operator's seat on the left side of the weapon.

According to Kane, those guns were sold to Panau by the United States and she recognizes them by their sound.


Both versions are usually found at military facilities, but there are exceptions to both.

Single barrel versionEdit

The single barrel version is usually deployed at such locations, where they are probably meant to have a second use as an anti-ship weapon.

4 barrel versionEdit

The emplacements are sometimes surrounded by sandbags.

Use and performanceEdit

The only time they're ever used by anyone other than Rico, is in the mission "Welcome to Panau", where the Panau Military shoots at the Agency H-62 Quapaw helicopter, but misses every shot.

The 4 barreled version has a much faster rate of fire than the single barrel version. They can make quick work of helicopters and their shells seem to explode upon contact.

The single barrel version works slower, but does more damage in a single shot. It's almost identical to the auto cannon of the GV-104 Razorback, or the SV-1007 Stonewall. The sound is actually the same.

It's not recommended to use either Flak Cannon to fight helicopters (during high levels of heat), as it will leave Rico vulnerable to attack from infantry. Also, shells take time to travel to their target, so it's recommended to aim slightly in front of a moving target. Neither version of the weapon can shoot directly up (unlike real anti-aircraft weapons), so you might get in a lot of trouble, if you're not good at aiming.

Ironically, it's best to use Flak Cannons like artillery guns, to fight tanks and infantry rather than planes and helicopters. It will be better suited for ground or sea targets than shooting at air targets as the aiming arc doesn't go up that far.

Realistically both versions would need a 3 man crew to operate, because reloading would take 2 men.


  • The name comes from the German 1930's to 40's official designation for anti-aircraft guns - "FlaK". It's a contraction of "Flugzeugabwehr-Kanone" or "Flugabwehr-Kanone" (hence the capital K in the names of the German weapons), meaning "anti-aircraft cannon". Link to Wikipedia.
  • The four-barrel version is shown not loaded, because it's missing the magazines/belts.
  • In modern time the 4-barrel version would be defined as an anti-aircraft Auto Cannon.
  • The Just Cause 3 successor to this weapon is Capstone FH155.


Main article: Just Cause 2 Weapon glitches.

Some people have experienced glitches while trying to rotate the single barrel version. The glitch causes the barrel to start shaking. At this time there is no known fix for this, but it's only been reported to happen in the PC version of the game.

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