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Frisco Catshark S-38
Frisco Catshark S-38
Vehicle in Just Cause 2
Type Speedboat
Weapons None
Rarity Rare
List of owners Civilians
Ular Boys
The following statistics are from the official strategy guide.
Top Speed 75
Acceleration 60
Armour 45
Handling 65

The Frisco Catshark S-38 is a speedboat in Just Cause 2.


It's a small speedboat, similar to the Snakehead T20 and the MTA Powerrun 77. Unlike most of the speedboat designs, which seem to be very much modern in styling, the Catshark is classic, most likely from the 1960's or 1970's. It has a wide, rounded monohull and a large supercharged V8 engine in the rear. There is a white stripe down the middle. It has the qualities of a Cigarette-style racing boat.

It only spawns in red and white, however in Be Quick or He be Dead it spawns in yellow and white.


It's very fast and has good acceleration, but is beaten by the SnakeHead when it comes to top speed.


Freeroam gameplay:

During missions:

  • The Catshark is a common spawn for aquatic races, several, including those near the Rajang River delta, will spawn this boat in a bright red color scheme for you to use in the race.
  • Provided for the Ular Boys mission Be Quick or He be Dead. Oddly, in the cut-scene, the boat is red, but when the mission starts, it is yellow. This is the only time you will find one that is not red, unless you mod the game.
  • The Roaches faction mission, Smugglers do Run, has these as the smuggler boats that you must destroy, although technically you can just shoot (or hijack) the smugglers from their boats and commandeer them instead.
  • Razak "The Razor" Razman also shows up in one in the beginning cut-scenes for Smugglers do Run and Stop the Press. The beginning cut-scene for Free Trade also makes an appearance for this vehicle.
  • Bolo Santosi provides this vehicle in the beginning cut-scene for I Want to Break Free.


  • If you approach this vehicle from the back-right pressing 'E' repeatedly, Rico will swim over to and enter the passenger seat on the right. He will just sit there until you touch the controls, which causes him to hop into the driver's seat. This passenger-driver seat mechanic was used in Just Cause. See also: Vehicle seating.
  • It resembles the Triereme - RC Athena from Just Cause (1). It may even be its successor.
  • "Frisco" might be a reference to a city of the same name in Texas.
  • "Catshark" is a reference to a type of shark called catshark.


Invisible boat glitch

A glitched one at Kampung Nelayan-Nelayan.

 PC  Sometimes the one at Kampung Nelayan-Nelayan may appear to be there, but isn't exactly spawned.

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