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Fuel Silo
Fuel Silos
At Pulau Berapi.
Total amount 90
Armament needed Small silos small arms fire
Large silos Heavy arms or explosives
Value in Chaos points 500
Value in money 2500
Approximate safe distance during destruction Varies by type, but possibly over 10 meters.

Fuel silos are destructible items in Just Cause 2.

See also: Fuel Depots and Fuel Shafts.


They are essentially fuel depots on a grander scale, and a bit less common. Their sizes range from being slightly the same size as the water towers along the rooftops of Panau City , to large, spherical and cylindrical shaped containers roughly the size of a 3-story building. The smaller ones come in tight groups of two, usually accompanied by a structure next to them, which will explode when both silos are destroyed. These can easily be destroyed, for example by ramming them with a car. They will explode almost the same as the vertical standing fuel depots . The bigger silos are usually found in groups of 3, though the cylindrical variants may come in groups of two. These are impervious to small arms fire, but will be damaged by any explosives. Vehicle mounted weapons such as miniguns and rockets will take them out quite efficiently as well. The larger variant is found at Pulau Berapi, one of the two oil refineries in Panau and is used to store the oil for the refinery, raw as refined. Other similar industrial sites uses indestructible oil cisterns made out of concrete.
Fuel Silo at Pulau Berapi

One of the silos at Pulau Berapi.

At Kem Gunung Dataran Tinggi, 5 special silos can be found, built connected to the large concrete buildings. These are, just like the ones at Pulau Berapi, immune to small arms fire. But all of them is always destroyed in a series of explosions in the end of the opening mission "Welcome to Panau" so you are actually not needing to waste time on them during the mission, but if you want to you can use one of the flak cannon at the base. These variants have a very odd explosion, as the fire and combustion is big but the shockwave stretches out further in everyway to roughly 20 metres away from the actual fire. You can use this to your advantage when soldiers are near it. It all becomes self-explanatory then. Just be wary of how close you are to it. Even being at the edge of the shockwave can cause a lot of damage to you.

In the aftermath of destruction, most of the silos will burn so long you stay at the location, except for the ones at Pulau Berapi. Those will only burn for a while, until the fire goes out.

All of the variants will each give 500 Chaos points and $2500 when destroyed.

Just Cause 2- settlement completion- Kampung Padang Luas 15

The small variant, here at Kampung Padang Luas.


As said before, they are not very common, with just 90 of them in Panau, only being found in a select few military bases and harbours, and an even smaller amount of towns. Still, their size will make finding them quite easy. One base where they are prominently found is the Pulau Berapi port/refinery, with a large amount of silos in plain sight and ready to be demolished.


It has been reported that there are actually 91 of them, but it's not known which exact one that 91'st one is. Also, this needs confirmation.

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