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Fuente de Lourdes
Fuente de Lourdes
Settlement in San Esperito
Type Town
Province Provincia de San Mateo
Missions that take place here None

Fuente de Lourdes is a town in Just Cause (1).


It's the smallest town in San Esperito, consisting of only 2 blocks, a civilian airport and a guerrilla safehouse. There's also a Water tower and Communications Mast.


In Provincia de San Mateo, between two hills. One side has a cliff that leads to a river.


  • The only permanently spawning vehicle is a Walker PA Twin Fin at the airport.
  • Guerrilla 11 "Camp Riverside" provides a ground vehicle after liberation.
  • Civilian vehicles spawn in the town traffic. Before liberation, government vehicles also patrol the area. Afterwards, Guerrilla vehicles.