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Gabriela Morales
JC4 trailer screenshot (new tough woman and jets)
As seen in the first trailer.
Character in Just Cause 4
Faction Black Hand
Job Leader of the faction
Last known status Alive

Gabriela Morales is the main antagonist of Just Cause 4.


She is the leader of the Black Hand in Solís, as revealed at E3.

So far, she has only been seen once or twice in the trailers, when she is seen getting out of a new transport helicopter on a helipad with different types of Black Hand units, and walking on some sand with soldiers and tanks.

She believes that Rico Rodriguez is part of a movement that killed her mother, which is said to be her personal motivator (possibly among others) for her fight against him. She might also plan on using her "Global Change Project" to rule the world.

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  • She is the first female main antagonist in the Just Cause game series, although the Sky Fortress Downloadable content for Just Cause 3 has a female minor villain: Eden.
  • She is perhaps the first main antagonist to not be the official head of state of the in-game country, as previous main antagonists were dictators of the country featured in each of their respective games. However, whether she is the head of state, or simply the leader of the Black Hand, is yet to be determined.
  • At the end of Mech Land Assault, two Black Hand soldiers are talking to their commander who is heard speaking in a feminine robotic voice. It is possible that this might be the same person.
  • Her voice actress is Fryda Wolff, as seen in some pre-release trailers.
  • See Category:Heads of State for the antagonists of previous games. At this point we can't be completely sure of the political system of Solís, so she could be the head of state, but she could also be like a general.