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Gabriela Morales
Gabriela Morales (character model shown by developers)
Model shown by developers during some pre-release promotional video.
Character in Just Cause 4
Faction Black Hand
Job Leader of the faction
Last known status Alive

Gabriela Morales is the main antagonist of Just Cause 4.


She is the leader of the Black Hand in Solís. She introduces herself as "Commander Morales".

So far, she has only been seen once or twice in the trailers, when she is seen getting out of a new transport helicopter on a helipad with different types of Black Hand units, and walking on some sand with soldiers and tanks.

Gabriela explains a bit of her backstory in the "Rico's Rival" trailer. She explains that she used to live in fear of having everything she ever loved taken away from her. However, at some point in her life, she decided to overcome that fear and rule it rather than allow it to rule her.

She believes that Rico Rodriguez is part of a movement that killed her mother, which is said to be her personal motivator (possibly among others) for her fight against him. She might also plan on using her "Global Change Project" to rule the world. In the "Rico's Rival" trailer, she also says that Rico is dangerous because he is just like her.

She's 193 cm tall (6'3").

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As described by Fryda WolffEdit

The following are quotes from this article:

"She's calm, collected, and in control. She doesn't get hysterical because she's strategizing damage control at all times, there's no damsel in distress in her. She's the boss of the Black Hand and no one questions her authority as she looms over her personal army."
"As someone who's played many a token sidepiece lone villainess in a crew of male baddies, I love that Gabriela doesn't have to be part of the bad boys club in order to get a seat at the table. Instead, it's her table and she flips it onto Rico's face."
"Gabriela's got the supervillain moves that make use of her physicality within a believable frame, rather than giving her every superpower and the kitchen sink in order to make her worthy of being there. She's earned the right to stand toe-to-toe with Rico without having to be petite or demure so as not to emasculate him. Gabriela is athletic and imposing and muscular and still manages to be a human being with her own set of issues and feelings to work out. I like how organic she felt to play, I believed she was a real person and not a fantasy woman designed to prop up the male protagonist or inflate his ego or any other body part."

Apparently, Avalanche Studios had told her that Morales was meant to be the game's Brienne of Tarth (a knight from Game of Thrones), something she took to heart while working.

"Being asked to live up to Gwendoline Christie's work in 'Game of Thrones' is a lot of pressure. I already admired Gwendoline, she makes no apology for her size or her sex as a person and that translates directly into what she’s done with Brienne. Neither Gwendoline nor Brienne care whether their male counterparts are comfortable, it’s not her problem to fix. She just is, and you can come along for the ride or get out of her way. I tried to carry Gwendoline's 6'3 attitude with my 5'4 performance capture."

Wolff said that delivering that performance in a motion capture suit was both inspiring and daunting, even more so because it was her first performance capture job.

"Something interesting happens when I'm challenged. If a creator entrusts me with their baby, they really believe I can do it or else they wouldn't have hired me. So I'm then forced to believe what they believe, and it helps to push my initial self-doubt away. I don’t require coddling per se, but I am motivated when I'm threatened with expectations, and I always want to meet and exceed those expectations."
"I'm the only person who saw my shortness as a hilarious hurdle to playing a tall person in a video game. I had to remind myself that I have power and don’t need permission to get in a man's face when I want something or disagree. Once I got comfortable in Gabriela's skin, being that massive force became automatic."

Wolff declined to say much about the story inside the game ..., adding only that "if Rico and Gabriela went to therapy together, they’d have a lot of the same issues to work out."


  • She is the first female main antagonist in the Just Cause game series, although the Sky Fortress Downloadable content for Just Cause 3 has a female minor villain: Eden.
  • She is perhaps the first main antagonist to not be the official head of state of the in-game country, as previous main antagonists were dictators of the country featured in each of their respective games. However, whether she is the head of state, or simply the leader of the Black Hand, is yet to be determined.
  • At the end of Mech Land Assault, two Black Hand soldiers are talking to their commander who is heard speaking in a feminine robotic voice. It is possible that this might be the same person.
  • Her voice actress is Fryda Wolff, as seen in some pre-release trailers.
  • See Category:Heads of State for the antagonists of previous games. At this point we can't be completely sure of the political system of Solís, so she could be the head of state, but she could also be like a general.
  • In the "Rico's Rival" trailer. Gabriela claims that she is just like Rico because she is fearless. It is also because of this that she considers Rico to be dangerous.
  • She has Heterochromia iridum. If one looks closely at her eyes, the right eye is brown, and the left eye is green. However, the character model picture (see Gallery) shows both of Gabriela's eyes as brown therefore it's possible that this was changed during development.
  • It is possible that Gabriela is like a dark version of Rico for the following reasons:
    • She and Rico both appear to have lost their families/loved ones in cruel acts of violence. In both cases, the losses have been so severe that the two have grown up resorting to violence themselves and are unlikely capable of leading normal lives.
    • She claims to be fearless, like Rico, which means that she is not likely to back down from a fight even if the odds are against her.
    • Since she's the Black Hand's leader, Gabriela probably has some sort of elite special forces training which would make her a very skilled combatant like Rico.
    • She and Rico both have the gift of leadership because they can inspire others to follow them.
    • Gabriela seems to commit violent and destructive acts for selfish reasons: money, power, and (possibly) vengeance. Rico generally fights for more selfless reasons. Namely to stand up for the weak and innocent and defend those closest to him.
    • Rico has inspired and supported insurgencies across three countries thus far: San Esperito, Panau, and Medici. Gabriela has likely opposed and even crushed insurgencies due to her affiliation with the Black Hand.



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Just Cause 4- Rico's Rival -PEGI-