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Gambler's Den Gambling Group
Lengkok Sungai Gambler's Den 3
View of Gambler's Den from surrounding hills.
Faction in Just Cause 2
Goal, or purpose To earn money as an underground casino
Ideology None
Leader Unknown
Starting base, or HQ Lengkok Sungai Gambler's Den
Source of money Their casino visitors, like Ken Pang

The Gambler's Den Gambling Group are a faction in Just Cause 2.


They're the people who run the Lengkok Sungai Gambler's Den. The name of this faction isn't really known. They wear grey clothing with top hats. They own the Den and oversee its operations. They're armed with at least 3 Submachine Guns, Pistols, Revolvers, Sawed-Off Shotguns, Shotguns and 3 Sniper Rifles.

Oddly, they use some of the same speech lines as the Panau Military.

Recent eventsEdit

Main article: Mission The White Tiger.

They have snipers in the towers and other members on the ground. They kill those in debt, as seen with Ken Pang. They have a small outpost in the desert - a small house beside a closed pathway, where about 8 of them are stationed.

Rico killed all of them in the den and at the outpost and they're never seen again, so it's assumed that the group has ceased to exist. Then again, they were never seen before the mission either.


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