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The giant statue of Salvador Mendoza is a large political monument in Just Cause (1).
Mendoza statue 1

"I would have used this pose."


It's entirely brown. The right hand is extended to a horizontal angle. The statue is facing north-west, to the city.

There's a smaller version of this statue in front of the presidents palace on Isla Dominio.


The statue is located on top of a hill on the eastern side of Esperito City, located near the race marker on the map. There is a small road leading to the base of the statue, on its southern side. The nearest safehouse is the Rioja 08 "Jackboot base".

Collectable itemEdit

There's a collectable item on the right hand. One should be very careful while approaching it with a helicopter, as a helicopter can easily explode when it crashes into the statue. The item can also be retrieved by a parachute.

If you want to use a helicopter, preferably use a small one, like the Whiptail Gyrocopter or even a Delta 5H4 Boxhead. See gallery below

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